In the Press : LUXE CODE

Want to know how the Chairman and Founder of a global hotel and resort brand stays positive in these unprecedented times? ‘Love what you do’ John Spence tells Luxe Code magazine. Karma is so much more than a hotel brand – read about the Karma Group’s sustainability ethos and philanthropy initiatives that include 500 free holidays to frontline workers, plus expansions in the pipeline…


  1. Very interesting observations. I am glad I am a part of this fun activity as a fractional owner.

  2. good work and lots of expansion, however there is one big problem. lot of us the members feel excluded as a lot of these venues have no kitchenet especially
    in Europe, A lot of us have special dietary needs and would prefer to cook our own. I have inquired and found that there are places i want to go with Karma
    but cant. If we have very young grandchildren we need to cater for them and we cant .It is not possible to have kitchen in every room and I understand that
    but surely you could find some space for a small communion Kitchen with a stove and microwave and a few pots and pan and a lot more of the members will be able to visit our Karma place. PLEASE DO NOT EXCLUDE US.

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