Il Riposo : An Afternoon of Italian Indulgence

Here at House Of Karma we’re kicking off our 2024 medley of magical mingling and one-of-a-kind experiences with a long, leisurely lunch a la Italia – poolside of course! We’re inviting Members and their guests to join us in Sydney for “Il Riposo” on Sunday 4 February at the exclusive Harper Rooftop Bar. 

“Il Riposo,” literally “translates as “The Long Lunch,” in Italian – but this is no mere meal: it’s an Italian tradition elevated to an art form where breaking bread together is as much about connection and celebration as feasting on delicious cuisine from the Bel Paese

Picture yourself under the Sydney summer sunshine, sipping on Spritzes inspired by Amalfi travels, treating yourself to an authentic Italian feast that will transport you back to the old country. 

Harper Rooftop provides the perfect laid back urban playground for an afternoon of feasting and fun, with live DJs laying down the perfect Adriatic soundtracks and the expansive pool inviting you in for a cheeky dip between courses… so what are you waiting for – come and live La Dolce Vita with House Of Karma! 

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