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in Munnar

Karma opened its first-ever resort in Goa India in 1993. Fast forward three decades and we’re thrilled to announce that we are opening our eighth resort in incredible India!  Karma Munnar is a romantic resort ideal for honeymooners located in the historic hill station of Munnar in Kerala’s dramatic Western Ghat mountain range, 1600 metres above sea level. 

The western Ghats are famous for their biodiversity: the surrounding cloud forest is home to a myriad fascinating species including 5000 flowering plants, 139 mammals, 508 birds and 179 amphibians. Tea, coffee and a range of spices are also cultivated in abundance in these mountains. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in the region too, home to species including tigers, bears and sloths.

Munnar, Kerala, India

Munnar itself is a peaceful little town that became a sanatorium and hill station in the late 19th century – providing a cool escape from the sweltering lowlands. The cool air, the abundance of flora, the orchards and farmland and the sheer beauty of the mountains make this a perfect location for lovers.

Karma Munnar itself is surrounded by steep slopes and vibrant cloud forest filled with fascinating flora and fauna, Karma Munnar is a serene upcountry retreat high in Kerala’s Western Ghats mountain range. and features  22 spacious jungle facing rooms, a fine dining restaurant & bar and an infinity pool that seems suspended in the air. 

You can book your Karma Munnar escape from the 1st of March – contact your Karma Navigator for more details.



  1. MUNNAR IS A SERENE PLACE having many Tea gardens around in mountain ranges. It is a relatively quiet Hill station to enjoy one-ness with nature.
    Wish Karma Best of lucks for Opening a resort at Munnar. I WOULD CERTAINLY LOVE TO BE at Karma Resort ,with family although I have visited Munnar twice in th past.

    1. Munnar is definitely the serene and delightful place that you describe it to be. Thank you for your good wishes. We hope to welcome you and your family to Karma Munnar soon!

  2. Last visit to Munnar we stayed at Club Mahindra, that experience was really memorable and we hope our new property will also be as good. Will plan soon after Ramzan 2022.

  3. We vist Goa almost every year. With resort in Munnar is a great addition. Will love to visit this place. Soon be there

  4. Hi, Though the name Munnar is enticing, the location of resort is not indicated. This leaves the members bit confused to make a decision. Also, the building looks more like a hotel than a resort ! So, the finer details are missing. Facilities, resort tour ( virtual or verbal ), hotel unit definition, all accomodation types in resort are missing.

  5. This is awesome, thanks for the heads up on Karma Munnar details. Much appreciated, booked with our family for March. We had visited almost all your properties except Karma Sitabani. Looking forward more such properties in Southern part of India too, like Pondicherry, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Mahabaleshwar etc

  6. I am seriously looking forward for Munday, a landscaped cool place.
    Why not a resort at Ooty or kodaikanal of Tamilnadu? Or may be Madurai or Thekkadi?

  7. I am seriously looking forward for Munnar, a landscaped cool place.
    Why not a resort at Ooty or kodaikanal of Tamilnadu? Or may be Madurai or Thekkadi? This is the first time I make comment on both the place. There is an error from your side

    1. Karma Munnar is all set to welcome our first guests today! We hope we can welcome you and your family soon!
      Our team is always looking for new destinations that appeal to our Karma Group Members. Some of your suggestions are already on the list. We will pass on the others. Thank you!

    1. Today is the day! Our Team at Karma Munnar is all set to welcome our first guests!
      Our Team is always looking for more options for Karma Group Resorts to be based in. Thank you for your suggestions!

      1. Hi we are planning to visit Karma Munnar…have been to Karma resorts in Bavaria, Goa, Bali and kottayam
        All our experiences in Karma resorts have been great.Hope the same with Karma Munnar

  8. Nice to see that new resort in munnar is coming.
    One of the best location in Kerala..
    We will visit soon.
    Also try new resorts near Pune and mumbai, like in Lonavala , Alibag , Mahabaleshwar…

    1. Karma Munnar opens for business today! We hope to welcome you and your family there soon.
      Thank you for your suggestions, we will pass these on to our team.

  9. Can you share the exact physical location of the resort? Also, the details of how to approach it by road.

  10. We are Mauritian and actually staying at Karma Haathi Mahal.We wish to book a 1 wk stay at Karma Munnar in Kerala this Nov.Pl send us information about its location and how to reach 5here etc

  11. Excited to see that Karma has opened its eight’s resort in Munnar, a place I love the most, to visit and stay. Look forward to reserving it for our next trip to India.

  12. I am a member of Karma…Would love to visit Karma Munnar. Pls inform Karma officials to call up and help with the bookings

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