House of Karma continues to grow its reach, influence and entertainment value, locking in another exclusive partnership that further enhances its member offerings. Hot on the heels of our partnership with über-exclusive private members’ club Vault House in Sydney, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now teaming up with London based heritage-meets-hip members collective Home House Collection.

Home House Collection is made up of two thriving members’ clubs, Home House and Home Grown. Both private members’ clubs are tucked away behind plush Georgian townhouses and conveniently located 5 minutes apart.

Established in 18 th century, Home House was built as a sophisticated palace for enjoyment and entertainment. It has hosted some of the most iconic figures including royalty. In 2019, Home Grown, a thriving entrepreneurial private members’ club was established. Home Grown provides the perfect mix of luxurious spaces and exciting opportunities to meet some of the biggest leaders in business.

Members of respective clubs have access to luxurious bedrooms, decadent meals and an exclusive members’ events calendar. From successful parties to business connections, Home House Collection is the place to be.

We’’ll be sharing a complete guide to taking advantage of these new partnerships in upcoming additions – and stay tuned for co-hosted events and more exciting partnership news coming soon, exclusively for our Karma Community!


  1. It sounds interesting but I don’t understand whether my husband and I will be entitled to visit or stay or how much it costs . I find too many Karma posts are lacking in detail. Please an someone explain how one gets to book _ how much it costs etc there is no point requesting a night if you don’t know how much it will cost. More details please

    1. Hi Liz, thank you for your feedback. Keep your eyes peeled for this Monday’s edition of Karma Community as we will run through some FAQs and how Members can book!

  2. Interested in both of these latest additions. Please forward further details of how to access these, thank you.

  3. We would like to visit Home House for my daughter’s 31st birthday on Saturday night. Please can you confirm whether we can do this as one of the 3 annual visits to the collection spaces? Please can you email me with the response.

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