Home Pilates with Jo Richards

When it comes to taking care of yourself, Jo Richards knows what she’s talking about. After all, Karma Group’s dedicated Health & Wellness Consultant is used to keeping some of the world’s best rugby players in elite form and injury free. And for Richards, one of the most effective fitness modalities is Pilates – the famous movement system developed by Joseph Pilates and taking its cue from a range of disciplines including ancient yoga asanas. In this video, Jo shares some simple but effective exercises to cope with one of the most prevalent problems people suffer, especially in the West: lower back pain.

“It’s the most regular complaint people come to me with,” she says. “The bottom of our spine takes all the load from above and so naturally this is where we get the most compression and feel it the most.  The three exercises in the video below are a great way to find some space in the spine and get things moving to offer a bit of relief.

  1. Pelvic Clocks: When done from the pelvis (avoid moving from the lower back) clocks are great for creating a bit of space in the lower back, while also helping our legs to dissociate from the pelvis, freeing everything up.
  2. Bridging: This is one of those exercises which is often taught wrongly, but when applied correctly is such a pleasure to do.  Bridging opens up your hips on the way up and then stretches out your spine and gets things moving on the way down too.
  3. Book Openings: These are everyone’s favourite. Rotation is the movement our spine likes the best and these really hydrate your discs!


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