Hidden Histoires & Surrealists Sojourn

Hot of the Presses: our latest Karma Curated Experiences bring to life the secrets of Andalusia and the historic Languedoc region of France as we take a deep dive into art, culture, cuisine and European history. Discover Southern Spain – through the eyes of one of its most famous sons, one Pablo Picasso and explore the myths, mysteries and mysticism of the Corbier Massif in Southwest France… to reserve your place, contact your Karma Concierge.

Surrealists’ Sojourn in Southern Spain

Explore magical Malaga through the unique lens of one of its most famous sons: Surrealist master Pablo Picasso. Join us at Karma La Herriza this October for an art-lovers long weekend as we explore the life and times of one of Spain’s most famous painters – from his birthplace to his favourite sherry bar – try your hand at some oil painting of your own and indulge in Southern spanish staples from flamenco to paella, all culminating in a fabulous five course feast inspired by the master himself!

Hidden Histories of the Corbier Massif

Join us in the historic environs of Carcassonne and the Corbier Massif for two days packed with history, culture and cuisine. Explore the ancient Benedictine Abbey of St. Hilaire; discover the renowned wines of Blanquette de Limoux; wander the enigmatic village of Rennes Le Chateau and uncover the secrets of Château Montségur. Indulge in exquisite French cuisine and unwind amidst the picturesque landscapes of Limoux and Montreal. A quintessentially French weekend!

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