Heart of Goa

We’ve just wrapped up our latest Karma Curated Experience adventure, this time in Goa, where we treated guests to a deep dive into the Pearl of the Orient’s hidden highlights – from cuisine, through culture to art and architecture…  

The adventure got underway with a traditional Goan lunch, setting the tone for a flavourful experience. Guests were then invited into the intimate setting of a Goan home to partake in the meticulous culinary craft known as bebinca, a sweet delight with roots deeply embedded in Goan tradition.

The journey continued through the corridors of history, with tales echoing in the historic mansions of Chandor, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of Goa. A moment of hushed reverence awaited at Margao’s Holy Spirit Church, which dates all the way back to the 16th century and has enjoyed a storied history – which is palpable when you visit its cloistered interior.

The long weekend culminated with a classic Goan picnic along the serene riverside of Canacona. Our Karma Curated Experience crew feasted on delectable local fare and took refreshing dips in the flowing stream – the perfect end to a truly authentic Goa escape!
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