Gin’s the Perfect Tonic

In celebration of the launch of our Karma Gin No.2 and World Gin Day on 08 June, we’ve got a gin connoisseurs’ challenge for you – can you identify the famous gin varieties from the questions below? Answer all 15 correctly and you could win one of 6 USD50 vouchers we’re giving away. Winners will be announced on Karma Concierge channels on 25 June 2024.


    1. Which gin is known for its distinctive blue bottle, distilled by a subsidiary company of Bacardi?

    2. Which gin brand's logo features a Yeoman Warder and is very well recognised all over the world for its strict-lined wordmark and red colour?

    3. This gin is famous for its cucumber and rose petal botanicals.

    4. Recognisable for its iconic green bottle, this brand is famously known for its use of juniper.

    5. Which brand is named after a type of cat and has a sweeter profile?

    6. Which gin is produced by the British royal family’s official distiller?

    7. This premium Spanish gin is known for its Mediterranean botanicals like rosemary and olives.

    8. What is the name of the gin produced by the Balmenach Distillery, known for using Scottish botanicals?

    9. Which gin brand is associated with the phrase “It’s gin o’clock” and has a lemon-flavoured variant?

    10. What gin brand uses a black matte bottle with gold accents and emphasises its wild botanicals from the Scottish Highlands?

    11. Which gin brand's packaging features a drawing of a long-nosed face in profile?

    12. Which gin brand was originally created for the British Navy and is known for its 57% ABV (114 proof)?

    13. This gin, often used in the aviation cocktails, shares its name with a common mode of air transport.

    14. Which gin brand’s bottle is decorated with a diamond pattern and is marketed as a luxury gin?

    15. What is the name of the gin that incorporates 10 different botanicals and has the slogan “Distilled with ten botanicals from across the globe”?

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        1. Wow different varieties of Gin for different days to make the mood ginny.

    1. When life gives you lemons make a G & T…. Loved the quiz and looking forward to buying the Karma Travellers Gin No. 1…. from grain to glass. Enjoyed solving the quiz !

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