Fun with Puns

What’s more fun than a well constructed pun? In honour of International Joke Day, we’ve put together 15 deadly Dad jokes that will either have you rolling your eyes and facepalming  or guffawing like…well, your Dad! Answer all 15 correctly and you could win one of six US$50 vouchers we’re giving away! Winners will be announced on 16 July 2024.

Congratulations to Our Quiz Winners!

Mr. Neil Kirkham

Karma Group Member since 2018

Mr. Darren Simpson

Karma Group Member since 2014

Mrs. Tina Angelinovich

Karma Group Member since 2018

Mrs. Archana R

Karma Group Member since 2012

Mrs. Enid Fernandes

Karma Group Member since 2023

Col. Sumit Mallik

Karma Group Member since 2022


    It’s International Joke Day! Let’s see how many Dad jokes you are familiar with...

    1. Why do cows wear bells? Because their _______ don’t work

    2. What do you call someone who saw an iPhone being stolen?

    3. What is it called when a short person waves at you?

    4. What do you call a man with no body and no nose?

    5. Why keyboards don’t sleep? Because they have

    6. What do you call a hippie’s wife?

    7. What's the best animal in soccer?

    8. What do you call a girl with no eyes?

    9. What did the fish say when he ran into a wall in the river?

    10. What do you call a bear with no teeth?

    11. What do you call a tiny mother?

    12. What do you call a factory that manufactures products that are just OK?

    13. Why do cows have hooves instead of Feet? Because they

    14. What do bees use to fix their hair?

    15. How do you call a moose with no name?

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    1. Jokes are a great way to find out what people think about the world. People find different things funny because they have different cultures and perspectives on what the world is like. See if you can find a joke from another culture today. Just loved to solve the Dad jokes quiz.

    2. Let me see if I have got the right 1111111s. Pun intended. Good experience though.

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