Five of Rajasthan’s Most Instagrammable Experiences

In the first of a new series showcasing some of the most Instagrammable locations in the Karma Universe, we head to Rajasthan with a mix of magical forts, palaces, wildlife sanctuaries and desert…

Amer Fort

This historic fort is about 10 kilometres from central Jaipur. Completed in 1859, it’s a marvel of pink and pale yellow sandstone mixed with opulent white marble. The sheer detail in the tiling is astounding and the extensive palace complex offers a myriad of Instagrammable moments.

Thar Desert

The Thar  Desert – also known as the  Great Indian Desert – covers a whopping 200,000 square kilometres, a good portion of which is found in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It’s the perfect spot to capture camel trains, perfectly sculpted dunes and trick photography for your Instafeed.

Hawa Mahal

This pink palace in the heart of the pink city  Jaipur is a visual treat with its myriad shuttered windows and gilded frames, topped with spires. In total there are 953 windows which allow cool breezes to circulate throughout the palace – hence the name Hawa Mahal which means ‘Palace of the Winds.’

Outlook India
Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Deer, desert foxes, antelopes (including nilgai, chinkara and blackbuck)… you’ll find them all here at the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, 32 kilometres from the town of Bikaner in Northwest Rajasthan. The sanctuary’s large lake also attracts a wide variety of birdlife.  Head out early in the morning preferably with a zoom lens for that magic capture that’ll be the envy of your friends.

Mehrangarh Fort

This fort in Jodhpur is one of India’s largest – a truly imposing fortress carved out of the living rock and sitting 125 metres above the city. Built in 1459, it covers 1200 acres – and if you’re looking for a truly spectacular Instagram shot, a drone will come in handy to get its scale. The museum inside is also well worth a visit.

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