Fiesta : Karma La Herriza, Andalusia, Spain

This Just In: Karma Group has acquired a new resort – Karma La Herriza in Andalusia in Spain!

Set within a state forest in the Sierras, the magnificent country estate comprises over 30 large suites, restaurants, bars and a pool. Nearby is the postcard perfect white-walled Puebla Blanco village of Gaucin, with a host of fine restaurants and attractions to explore.

The location couldn’t be more ideal. Just 45 minutes away are two beautiful beaches including Costa del Sol and the vibrant town of Marbella. Nearby is also the amazing hill town of Ronda. 

Other Andalusian treasures including Seville and Jerez are only a short distance further and the airports of Gibraltar and Malaga are easily accessible. 

Says John Spence, Chairman and Founder of Karma Group: ‘Having a resort in Spain  is a true pleasure for Karma and myself given the history of my time in this magnificent country. I know all members and guests will truly love  this property’ .

He says renovations will begin shortly with the plan to have it open by next Easter.

We’ll be sharing more about the Karma Group’s Spanish acquisition in an upcoming edition. 



  1. What fabulous news. Can’t wait to hear its opened after its refurb so we can book up a visit. Hope for more resorts in sunny Spain or its islands

  2. Fabulous. Was planning to visit spain. Waiting for its opening. But plz give details about its connectivity with reference to international Airport.

  3. Fantastic acquirement by Karma another feather in the cap of Chairman. Congratulations and looking forward to visit as Karma Member

  4. Brilliant, so excited as my best friend lives in Guacin, couldnt think of a lovelier place to stay. Cant wait to book a trip.

  5. Absolutely great news. Been waiting for a retreat in sunny Spain. Waiting anxiously to make a booking there.

  6. Wow this looks amazing, cannot wait for the Australian Government to let us out to play, to come and visit our relatives in the UK and then off we go to Karma’s properties in Spain, Crete and Tuscany. They are all on the list, just need to be able to travel.

  7. This is much awaited & fantastic. We’d love to visit Karma La Herriza in summer 2022, really looking forward to using our membership in Spain. Thanks Karma.

  8. Congratulations!!!! Andalusia is beautiful. Been there a few years ago. Looking forward to visiting. All the very best to the Karma Group

  9. Fantastic news I hope the renovations will provide Kitchen facilities . Well done Karma Board and specially Mr Spence

  10. Fantastic news Love to visit shortly after it’s opening. I love to see resorts in Turkey various places within turkey worth visiting.

    1. Hi Shahbaz! We will be in touch with more news about the opening. We are always looking for resorts and destinations that are of interest to our members. 🙂

  11. That is awesome. Spain will be a great place to visit for us especially it is less than 2h from Rabat where we live. Thanks Karma!! Keep going

    1. Thank you very much Mohamed, 2 hours is the perfect distance – so convenient! We hope you’ll love the resort as much as we do when you get the chance to visit next year!

  12. I got married here 10th June 2017, that was the final event before they unfortunately closed.
    As a family we come to Gaucin every year in the summer, we hope to visit once you reopen.

    1. Oh wow!! That’s such a great connection made, Sarah. We hope to be able to welcome you again in 2022. This time to make some more wonderful memories with the Karma Group. 🙂

  13. Great to read about expansion and opportunity to travel when international borders open for Australia. Can I ask that you put in place transport , driver options. Whilst the location of Resorts are beautiful and relaxing we like to go out and about to local towns and sites and driving / car hire isn’t the easiest for us and trains etc aren’t always close to your resorts.

    1. Hi Vanessa, this is no problem at all – Simply let us know your requirements prior to travelling and we can liaise with our resort’s management team to arrange anything like this!

  14. I pray that the planned resort in the Philippines will soon be established with all the new Karma resorts getting online giving members more countries as options to choose from. Do you know that the Philippines is the hidden secret in travel with varied destinations around the whole country that are interesting in different ways, and at the same time one of the most reasonable if not the most reasonable place cost wise.

    Thank you for posting this.. SDG

  15. The place looks amazing. Can’t wait to visit. Wondering if it is advisable to visit the place in December? Is it too cold then?

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