Festival of Winter Walks Trivia

The days may be short in winter but they’re often very beautiful – and the best way to get through the darker months is to get out into nature. The Festival of Winter Walks falls on 17 December and is a celebration of yep, you guessed it, winter walks around the world… test your rambler know-how here and you could win one of 3 x $100 vouchers we’re giving away – Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels on 03 January.


    1. How many official national trails are there currently in England and Wales?

    2. What are Scotland's equivalent of the national trails in England and Wales called?

    3. The vast, beautiful beach featured in the closing sequence of the Hollywood film 'Shakespeare in Love' has a starring role on which national trail?

    4. Which of Scotland's Great Trails was its first long distance route, opened in 1980?

    5. Which of the National and Great Trails lets you walk coast-to-coast across a country?

    6. Which of the National Trails is closest to Karma Salford Hall?

    7. The South West Coast Path is the longest National Trail in the country, but do you know how long it is?

    8. Which symbol is used to waymark the official National Trails?

    9. Karma Lake of Menteith is closest to which Scottish Great Trail?

    10. Which of the National Trails is the only one to follow a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

    11. What is special about National Trails' English Coast Path project?

    12. Which is the shortest of the National Trails?

    13. What are walkers of England’s Coast to Coast encouraged to do before setting off?

    14. Which is the oldest of the National Trails having opened in 1965?

    15. When does the Festival of Winter Walks 2022 run from?

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