Explore : Karma Seven Lakes, Udaipur

Udaipur, Rajasthan also known as the ‘City of Lakes’, is one of India’s most romantic cities and the setting of the Karma Group’s latest acquisition – Karma Seven Lakes.

Often compared to Venice, Udaipur is home to seven spectacular lakes, bridges, royal heritage, bazaars and elegant gardens.

The new Karma Seven Lakes is located in New Fatehpura, an affluent suburb of Udaipur. What makes Karma Seven Lakes a standout is that it has been built using only natural stone. The hotel offers excellent dining options at the indoor restaurant or outdoors at the roof-top restaurant, where you can also relish delicious barbeques. The expansive roof-top pool offers stunning views of the setting sun.

Karma Seven Lakes is also situated nearby numerous cafés, restaurants, boutiques and stores, and is the perfect location from which to explore the best of Udaipur.

Make sure you visit the picturesque Fateh Sagar lake, a man-made marvel that is in close proximity to Karma Seven Lakes. It only takes around fifteen minutes to walk to this popular tourist attraction as well as visit the parks and the observatory located on the islands in the lake.

The Sukhadia Circle is less than a ten-minute walk from Karma Seven Lakes. This popular recreational centre is, in fact, a small pond surrounded by many small gardens, food carts and stalls, and activities for children. Visitors can also choose to go on boat rides in the pond, and also ride horses and camels around the park.

Saheliyon ki Bari is a well-designed garden with a water feature at its centre and is only a five-minute stroll from the resort.. Legend has it that King Rana Sangram Singh personally designed the gardens as a gift for his Queen and her 48 maidens, to provide them leisurely escape from the drudgery of the King’s Courts. The grounds also house a small museum on Indian history. From the incredible architecture and cultural heritage, there’s so much to discover in the historic city of Udaipur  – we look forward to welcoming Members and guests to our Karma Seven Lakes.

Want to be one of the first to experience Karma Seven Lakes? We are offering a special introductory offer with 50% discount on your points-with daily breakfast for 2 pax! Plus, receive a full credit of all entitlements used upon check out!

Contact your Karma Odyssey Servicing Office to book your trip before the 24th of April 2021 and stay prior to the 30th of April 2021 to avail of this incredible offer.


  1. Good for selected one of the best tourist place of India. I am happy for being a member of Karma

    1. It’s a really good news for adding Udaipur on Karma map. I had visited last year in Jan and stayed Taj lake palace. Since now it’s covid restrictions / curfew / lockdown you would like to extend this offer till year end for real benefits to the member. Location is excellent. Looking forwarded for more good news . Thanks

      1. Hi Sanjeev! We hope you will regard as good news that the Karma Group has many offers planned through the year for its members. We are always looking out for your best interests and we hope you can visit Karma Seven Lakes when it is safer for you to travel!

  2. This is really the best news I had received. I was waiting and praying since long to have Karma Resort in Udaipur…..

      1. HI Vishaka! Always being conscious of the best interests of our members, the Karma Group has many more offers lined up through the year.

  3. Happy to hear from you that KARMA has opened yet another resort in North India that too in Udaipur One of the historical and romantic place. I will be happy to go to udaipur during July/aug as last year we could take holiday due to COVID 19

    1. It’s great to know that you have added Udaipur on Karma Map. But the offer that you have given is upto 30th April 2021. It should be at least up to 30th September 21

      1. Hi Milind! The Karma Group has many more amazing offers planned for our members to allow them to create happy holiday memories at Karma Seven Lakes.

  4. Due to the present Covid eruption in India, the dates to book and stay will only be suitable to people staying in Rajasthan. May be you need to think of changing those dates. If that can be considered more people can use this opportunity.

    1. Hi Saurabh! Unfortunately, the new wave of Covid infections has had a major negative impact on us all! But, please rest assured that the Karma Group always works in the best interests of our members and we have many more offers in store for all of you. Please #stayhealthy and #staysafe!

  5. It is a best opportunity for tourists to visit Udaipur the renowned tourist destination with luxurious stay with Karma.

    1. Dear R.K. Nebhani,
      The Karma Group is thrilled to have a presence in this ‘White City’ of Rajasthan and we look forward to creating happy holiday memories for you and your family!

  6. Excellent news, waiting for this to open in city of lakes. Hope we are able to see fataipur lake from the hotel. Rooms look really good, waiting to visit so that we can go to Nathdwara.

    1. The Fateh Sagar Lake is within walking distance of Karma Seven Lakes and can also be seen from the rooftop restaurant. We hope you can stay with the Karma Group at Udaipur and visit Nathdwara soon!

  7. Excellent news, waiting for this to open in city of lakes. Rooms look really good, waiting to visit so that we can go to Nathdwara..

    1. Hi Phillipa! Yes. The Covid restrictions have made travel extremely limiting. Please rest assured that there are other offers in store. We look forward to welcoming you to India and especially to Karma Seven Lakes as soon as you can travel internationally again. #staysafe

    1. Hi Kushal! Secured parking facilities are available very close to Karma Seven Lakes and a limited number of parking slots are also available within hotel premises. We hope you have plans to drive here soon! 🙂

  8. This is amazing to note the starting of Karma Resort in Udaipur. We are thrilled to go…..but looking at the current situation, the offer date is just not possible for people outside Rajasthan ..you may like to extend at least for three months

    1. Hi Bibhu! Please rest assured that we will have equally amazing offers to Karma Group members through the year. We will see you as soon as it is safer to travel!

  9. Its a great news, one of the most beautiful place in India to visit ☺️…a dream destination for many……blessed as a member of karma……looking ahead to visit this venue soon …..best wishes……Happy Hindu Navvarsh

    1. Hi Sumeet! We hope you had a great time celebrating the Hindi New-Year. We look forward to welcoming you to this dream destination as soon as it is safe for you to travel! #staysafe


    1. Thanks, Sunil! The Karma Group is pleased to present Karma Seven Lakes. We are actively looking for other properties of interest to our Members in India and will add your suggestion to the list.

  11. Karma group has few properties in India, we are feeling good by hearing this news. Property is also looks royal. Thanks the Karma management.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Prakash! The place is amazing, the property is fabulous and we look forward to you and your family have an excellent stay with us.

  12. wonderful choice of Place. keep growing and keep expanding. A few destinations in India to Menton.. Andamans, Jaisalmer, mussoorie

    1. Glad you think so too, Ravi! We have made a note of your suggestions and will add them to our list of probable Karma Group holiday destinations. Thank you!

  13. Very happy to hear that long awaited & most saught after destination Udaipur has been added to karma inventory.

  14. Wow, we liked this opening, we were thinking for one such place in Udaipur. Now after lowering effect of COVID-19, will enjoy this opportunity.

  15. It’s great to know that you have added Udaipur on Karma Map. But the offer that you have given is upto 30th April 2021. It should be at least up to 30th September 21

    1. Karma should acquire more properties in India. There are not many options available like Mahindra Holidays. I think that’s why whenever I tell my friends relatives about
      joining Karmaa they simply turn down the idea. Come out with at least two new properties in India every year. The Karma community will grow in India in Geometrical proportion.

      1. While the Karma Group is always looking for more properties to add to our resort portfolio, we have to do this exercise worldwide to ensure that Karma Group members in all countries benefit from our acquisitions. We are actively looking for more properties in India, though. 🙂

    2. Hi Milind! The Karma Group is thrilled to have added Udaipur to its list of holiday destinations. We will definitely have offers through the year for Karma Group members to avail.

  16. I am really happy that you have added one of the most beautiful tourist places to your resorts. I am very keen to visit this resort. However, the alarming situation of Covid put restraints on travel. Request extend the offer till year end.

    1. Hi Sarbinder! The Karma Group is excited to have a presence in India’s most romantic city! We will definitely have more offers for Members through the year. We hope to see you as soon as it is safer!

  17. Thank you so much atlast you have added this popular tourist marvel to your quiver. Happy to know that. Wish to grab your offer right away, but due to this pandemic situation it’s very difficult to visit. Hope to get new best offer again after the situation is normal. I am a frequent visitor to Udaipur. Hope to take on your hospitality very soon.

    1. Hi Dushyant! Yes! The Karma Group has now claimed a spot in Udaipur! Always have the best interests of our Members in mind, we will definitely have exciting offers again soon. Please stay tuned. #staysafe

  18. We are in the grip of second wave of covid in Bangalore. As such the tempting offer cannot be availed now. Will the offer be extended in view of extraordinary circumstances prevailing in India?? It is hoped that situation normalises so that the beautiful state of Rajasthan can be visited in near future

    1. Hi Ravindran! We hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well. The Karma Group is always on the best interests of our members and we have many more offers will be announced through the year. Please stay tuned!

  19. Great addition to the Karma Group properties. However as suggested by mny, the offer is too short and an extension till May 31st at least

    1. Hi Eugene! We are very excited to be part of Udaipur. The Karma Group will announce more offers for members through the year. We hope to welcome you to stay at Karma Seven Lakes as soon as it is safe for you to travel.

  20. Beautiful, picturesque, culturally very rich city UDAIPUR.
    Very exciting gift by Karma. Keep it up. Do add more such jewels.

    1. Thank you, Ajit! It is exciting for the Karma Group to be part of Udaipur. We are always actively looking for properties to add to the Karma Group report portfolio You will hear it here first! Stay tuned! 🙂

  21. This is wonderful news that Karma has a resort in Udaipur. Now Karma has two destination in Rajasthan followed by Jaipur. Congratulations and best wishes. The offer if extended will help members to avail it as currently we are all under lockdown situation.

    1. Hi Yogesh! We are very pleased to have two destinations in Rajasthan now! The Karma Group will have many exciting offers for members in the coming months. #staysafe

  22. Looking forward to a Trip to Karma Seven Lakes Udaipur. I wish Karma takes some properties in the North East of India as well. Wishing you all the Very Best Karma.

    1. Hi Christopher! We look forward to welcoming you at Karma Seven Lakes soon. The Karma Group is actively searching to expand its resort operations. Thank you for your suggestion. We have made note of it.

  23. Dear Sir,
    Request you to please extend the offer. At present due to Pandemic (COVID 19) it is impossible to travel

  24. I am so glad that company has added Udaipur as a destination as it is very travel friendly for people in Gujarat. We are excited to have this experience, we just have a small request to extend the time frame as vivid has made it very difficult to travel .
    Hope time extension would be considered.

  25. Its nice to know that you have included udaipur. Since last 2 years we are planning to visit this place but because of covid we can’t move. We want to explore this place as soon as possible.

  26. Pls let me know for one week & for short break 3/4 nights points to be used. I am a member of karma.

  27. can u please Send google location & exact address, we can’t find in google. please upload more picture of hotel ..

  28. Great News. Looking forward to visitng this place. Can I have external Pictures of the Resort building and sarroundings. The internal pictures look great anyways.
    Whats the size of the resort.

  29. Splendid news indeed in the gloomy covid wave. And that too a sought after destination. Kudos! The only disappointing news is the time of offer. Hope it was given after the deadly covid wave

  30. Great news , now will wait for Jaisalmer too . We have enjoyed our stay in Germany once and Goa we have gone sometimes twice a year and always enjoyed . Let’s hope and pray that we get to travel safely soon . Best wishes to you and your team .

  31. We hadn’t heard of Udaipur before but having read the many eager comments of Karma’s Indian members, we’d love to visit this enchanting place – once the virus is beaten!


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