Experience the Stirling Highland Games

The origins of the Highland Games are lost in the mists of time, though they are thought to have been around at least 4,000 years ago not in Scotland, but in Ireland. The Games made their way over to Scotland with the migrating Scotti tribes in the fourth and fifth centuries AD – and never looked back! Every year in Scotland, Highland Games take place across the country with men and women competing in events including the hammer throw, shot put, weight over the bar, tug o’ war and of course the iconic caber toss, where competitors balance and then heave a length of timber as far as they can.


One of the biggest Highland Games happenings takes place in Stirling, 25 minutes drive from our very own Karma Lake of Menteith. On 20 August, up to 8,000 visitors will descend on Stirling Sports Village, which enjoys spectacular views of Stirling Castle,  to witness competitors going head to head in the traditional sports as well as more modern events like running, youth running and cycling. They’ll also be able to enjoy traditional cultural demonstrations like highland dancing and pipe bands. In 2020 the Games introduced a new event – the Bruce Challenge, where all comers are invited to see who can  push a Scottish Whin and Scottish Boulder the furthest.

There’ll be lots of  stalls selling food, drink and traditional arts and crafts, as well as a special kids’ area offering activities for younger guests. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover many of the unique aspects of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage. And back at Karma Lake of Menteith – you can check out some more classic Scottish heritage – in the shape of our Malt Vault, where we’ve collected more than 80 outstanding single malt scotch whiskies from all over Scotland…

Stirling Highland Games

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