Essential Books on Wine

From the history of Champagne to an essential wine guide for beginners as well as a go-to for sommeliers, Ultimate Library shares five of the best books about wine. Elevate and expand your understanding of WINE – they also make for a perfect gift for wine connoisseur friends!

1. Champagne: Wine of Kings and the King of Wines by Tom Bruce-Gardyne

This book gives readers a complete history of how this delicious drink became the hallmark of celebrations, commiserations and parties across the globe. With entries on each of the individual major Champagne Houses, the different vintages and the cultural impacts of Champagne this is the perfect introduction for newcomers.

Champagne: Wine of Kings and the King of Wines

2. Wine Simple by Aldo Sohm and Christine Muhlke

The essential guide for beginners, giving easy to understand infographics and illustrations to help readers create their own opinions. Written by world-renown sommelier Aldo Sohm, this guide teaches readers how to take their wine knowledge to the next level by including a flavour library and everyday tips and tricks for wine buying, wine tasting and even how to sabre a champagne bottle.

Wine Simple

3. 99 Bottles: A Black Sheep’s Guide to Life-Changing Wines by André Mack

An entertaining, informative and thoroughly unconventional wine guide travelling through the 99 wines that impacted sommelier and winemaker, André Mack’s life. Mack pairs practical information with personal stories, offering up recommendations alongside reflections on being one of the only African-Americans to ever work at the top level of the American wine industry.

99 Bottles: A Black Sheep’s Guide to Life-Changing Wines

4. World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson

With its first edition appearing in 1971, this wine guide is seen by critics as the essential and most authoritative reference out there. The 8th edition brings this guide up to date with 22 new maps of new and different wine-growing regions. Alongside beautiful cartography and photography there are is up to date information on the topics being discussed by today’s wine-growers and drinkers.

World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition

5. The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste by Rajat Parr and Jordan MacKay

This is the first definitive reference book to describe region by region how the great wines of Europe should taste. A go-to guide for sommeliers, wine aficionados and amateurs alike bringing together the different flavour profiles and their relationships to the different regions, soils and appellations. This book explains how to understand wine in a modern way, making it an essential reference and an instant classic.

The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste

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