Easy-riding Rajasthan + Curry Chronicles Goa

Immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and landscapes of two of India’s most beloved states, Goa and Rajasthan as we bring you two very different Karma Curated Experiences – Goa for gourmands and Rajasthan for roadtrippers! And don’t forget our Saints & Sinners retreat – your chance to indulge in the Mykonos lifestyle at Pelikanos in the most exclusive neighbourhood where we’ll mix health & wellness with indulgence.

Curry Chronicles Goa

Embark on a heady gastronomic journey through the heart of Goa with Chef Kundan of Karma Royal Haathi Mahal. Discover the essence of flavour at Khola village, where indigenous Khola chillies, celebrated for their unique taste, await harvest by local farmers. Dive into the vibrant ambience of Mapusa market, where a medley of premium ingredients beckon, promising to elevate any dish to greatness. Join forces with seasoned chefs Salvador and Emiliano to concoct a symphony of Goan flavours, blending age-old family recipes with contemporary flair. From field to market to kitchen, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Goan culinary tradition, where every dish tells a story of passion and heritage.

Easy-riding Rajasthan

Join us on an unforgettable classic motorcycle odyssey across India’s most colourful state! We’ll set out  from historic Karma Haveli in Jaipur, where we’ll explore the vibrant streets of Jaipur’s Old City before departing on iconic Enfield motorbikes for Udaipur where a serene rooftop dinner awaits accompanied by a traditional puppet show. Ride onwards to Jodhpur, where we’ll take in the grandeur of Mehrangarh Fort and savour the local delicacies at the Clock Tower eatery. The  adventure continues into the desert and Karma Golden Camp in Jaisalmer, where we’ll enjoy  a night of cultural performances under the stars. Our journey concludes with a leisurely camel ride through desert dunes, before bidding farewell to Rajasthan’s magical landscapes.

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