Dot-Dot-Dot- Dash – Morse Code Magic!

We may be in the age of AI – but did you know that US Navy Intelligence still uses Morse code? And what if you were stuck on a mountain at night with no signal or GPS but you had a torch? You could send a distress signal right? Which brings me to this week’s quiz… learn your Morse code Members – it could save your life. Or in this instance, win you one of three US$100 vouchers!

Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 23 January (in writing, not Morse!)


    1. Which Morse code sequence spells "SOS"?

    2. What's the code for the letter "C"?

    3. How many dots make up the letter "A"?

    4. How is a space between words indicated in Morse code?

    5. Which word uses only dots and dashes?

    6. What do long beeps stand for in Morse code?

    7. What's the Morse code for the number "7"?

    8. Who invented Morse code?

    9. Which letter uses just a single dot?

    10. What is the Morse code sequence for "HELP"?

    11. How many letters have just two dots in their Morse code sequence?

    12. What does a single dash followed by three dots represent in Morse code?

    13. What was the original purpose of Morse code?

    14. What symbol is used for a space in Morse code?

    15. Which secret agent organisation traditionally uses Morse code in its communication?

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    1. I believe some of your answers are incorrect
      Question 2 The letter c is -.-.
      Question 7 is –… for the number 7
      Question 12 is .— for the letter J

    2. It was fantastic in participating in this wonderful quiz competition. Winning or losing is immaterial.

    3. I’m afraid that some of your answers are incorrect. I will not put them hee as it will spoil it for others, but anyone who completes this quix and purports to get them all right, will have got the answers by others means. I am a former Royal navy communicator and this was my job and I can tell you that at least 4 answers are wrong and maybe a 5th depending on the interpretation of the question. Please do not submit my answers to the quiz as they will not be in accordance with your answers.

    4. Its a Beautiful & Wonderful Experience with KARMA and especially being part of KARMA FAMILY. I love every travel experience of mine as a CLASS-QUALITY-MEMORABLE ….All the Best to all my co-members of KARMA

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