Divine Dante Quiz

March 25 is Dantedi (Dante Day) when Italians and lovers of literature everywhere celebrate one of the greatest writers who ever lived – author of the classic Divine Comedy – a performance Karma Group sponsored last year, featuring the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren and Rupert Everett. 

We’re giving away three Italian hampers filled with goodies. Results will be announced on our social channels on 05 April.


    1. The number three is a recurring theme throughout Dante’s Commedia and holds significant meaning in his works, can you tell us what this symbolises?

    2. Speaking Dante was an incredible tribute to the late poet. How long was the marathon reading?

    3. Which Oscar-winning English actor, famous for playing Queen Elisabeth II, took part in Speaking Dante?

    4. Which of the following is NOT one of Dante's Books in the Divine Comedy?

    5. In what year was Dante Alighieri born?

    6. Where would you find Judas according to Dante?

    7. 2021 marked how many years since the passing of the Supreme Poet?

    8. How many circles of hell are described in the Divine Comedy?

    9. Which of our incredible European properties hosted those involved in the Speaking Dante event?

    10. Finish this famous line from Inferno “Abandon every …., ye who enter here."

    11. The acclaimed English translation of Dante’s famous works was translated by Robert and Jean ….?

    12. Which charity did the proceeds from the Speaking Dante event support?

    13. Dante's Divine Comedy was NOT…

    14. Which iconic actor took part in Speaking Dante and is also known for playing the role of “He Who Must Not Be Named” in a famous magical film series?

    15. What is Dante’s birth name which he was baptized with?

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