Discover Scotland’s Wild Side

As we head into high summer in the Northern hemisphere, there’s an undeniable desire to be outside and up close to nature. In Scotland – home to one of our latest resorts, Karma Lake of Menteith, summer days seem endless with the sun setting much later than more Southerly climes. Little wonder the locals like to make the most of the high country’s natural attributes through a range of outdoor activities – from hiking to mountain biking to sailing.

At Karma Lake of Menteith, we’re doing the same by teaming up with Roll Outdoors – the leading adventure specialists in Stirlingshire – to provide guests with a whole host of activities that will bring the entire Scotland experience to exhilarating life. From canoeing to mountain biking, paddleboarding to loch tours, it’s the perfect way to really connect with nature in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

The Roll Outdoors’ staff are able to tailor the perfect adventure for a wide range of preferences and abilities, providing all the equipment and guidance that you need for a great day out, whether you’re on a guided tour of Lake of Menteith, mountain biking along magical forest trails or having a peaceful paddle by canoe or paddle board…

The perfect way to truly immerse yourself in Scotland’s amazing natural wonders.

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  1. The Lake of Mentieth is internationally famous for its Brown trout fishing and hosts international level competitions.
    Why is the facts surrounding the lakes fishery not given greater prominence along with information for Karma members to fish the lake and state the fees which would be hugely appreciated I’m sure.

    1. Hi Mr Williams, the resort has lots to do with the local fishing community and fishers – They often start fishing competitions from the resort and offer a special ‘fishers breaky’. Thank you for the suggestion, we will definitely look into this!

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