Discover : Karma Beach Expansion

Bali’s most exclusive private beach destination has undergone a recent stunning expansion. We’ve added more ocean-view private gazebos to lounge the day away. At the other end of the scale, a communal table has been added that is recommended for large families and groups of friends. A highlight is the handcrafted Komodo Kamado Grill considered the best grill in the world (Robb Report/Forbes) and a step up from your average casual barbecue.  As well, a tropical tiki bar where guests and Members can enjoy rum-infused tiki cocktails (Mai Tai anyone)? Lastly, a dedicated kid’s zone provides a safe area for creativity and fun activities.  


  1. Booked to visit for two weeks start of 2022… wanted to be there for my 60th in July this year, but sadly don’t think COVID will allow for that, CAN’T wait to get back to our beloved Bali

    1. Hi Johanna, sorry to hear that you have had to make alternative arrangements for your birthday celebrations, we do hope that you have a lovely time regardless and we are so looking forward to welcoming you back to sunny Bali next year!

  2. WOW yes that does look encouraging ! We had a fabulous week there in Kandara last year, Feb 2020 just two weeks prior to Perth lock down and we experienced dazzlingly, brilliant electrical storms over head our pool villa every single night. What fun ! Seriously it was great ! I love the tropical strength rains and would daily take many rain dashes ; ie run with my coffee or beer out to the Bale to enjoy the downpours with my kindle!
    Call me bonkers or a boy from Leeds what ever! i love the rain . Now… The damage to the beach from the river that runs through the middle of the resort was considerable. There grew a gully about 5 meters deep that separated each side of the Karma beach and I reckon maybe 500 cubic metres of sand washed away out into the reef ! Had to walk through a stream bed to get across or go to waters edge and across. This was then, So different to the Kandara beach the holiday before that , when those disco guys had their thump thump groove music beating a vibe in the seaside air on flat pristine sands and there was plenty space for the round beach beds and lounge beds, even dancing and beach volley ball. Seems like the beach its all back to normal and they are making terraces and better use of those cliff sides. cant wait to return

    1. Hi Keith, thank you for your great comments regarding your last holiday with us at Karma Kandara, we are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay and even the occasional Bali downpour! We are so looking forward to welcoming you back soon! #Cheers

  3. Saya dan keluarga sangat menantikan kembali untuk berlibur dan menikmati liburan di Karma Kandara. Kami beberapa kali tidak bisa kesana karena jadwal yang tidak sesuai antara liburan sekolah dengan ketersediaan villa di Karma Kandara. Walaupun baru 1 x menginap di Karma Kandara, kami sangat menikmati dan bahagia bisa menghabiskan waktu di sana. Bersantai, berenang, bermain air, berjemur, makan dan minum, sambil menikmati pemandangan yang sangat indah..langit biru, laut hijau membiru, pasir putih, sunset yang memukau, pepohonan hijau… Fun n rilex. Sungguh merupakan pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan dan ingin terus kembali berlibur bersama Karma Kandara. Semoga di tahun 2022 kami bisa kembali ke Karma Kandara. Kami sangat menantikan sekali.

    1. Terimakasih kami ucapkan kepada Ibu untuk pengalaman liburan yang telah Ibu bagikan kepada kami. Merupakan suatu kebanggaan tersendiri bagi kami ketika Ibu merasa sangat menikmati berlibur di salah satu resort terbaik milik kami. Dikarenakan permintaan pada resort ini sangat tinggi, kami mohon agar Ibu dapat menginformasikan kepada kami jauh jauh hari apabila bermaksud untuk menginap di villa Karma Kandara.

      Kami sudah tidak sabar dan menunggu Ibu untuk datang kembali untuk menginap di resort kami. Salam

  4. Looks awesome! We’re booked in for August for my 50th, but sadly I don’t think we’re going to be able to come. Unfortunately we’ll probably have to cancel 🙁

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