Digital Journeys: The AI Travel Revolution

Travel: the joy of the open road. New cultures discovered, friends made. A chance to unplug, reconnect with nature, to treat yourself. Travel planning on the other hand: stress! At least that’s how things used to be. The advent of the internet revolutionised the way we plan our holidays – and now AI is set to take things to a whole new level.

AI is already enhancing the travel experience with traveller analysis, optimised pricing strategies based on real time adjustments and fine tuned interactions with AI chatbots – all promising a seismic shift towards truly bespoke travel experiences – and smooth and seamless planning. 

On a macro level, AI’s predictive capabilities will allow the industry to accurately predict key trends and to allocate resources accordingly, potentially making travel more sustainable – depending on how the AI itself is powered of course. 

Here at Karma Group, we are staying abreast of these developments and we are already implementing AI powered live chat features and helpful how-to guides on our websites and apps. All of which lets you focus on the important things: having unforgettable holidays!

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