Degustation : Truffles and Porcini at Karma Borgo di Colleoli

Autumn has arrived which in Italy means it’s also truffle season!

If you are fortunate to be staying with us at Karma, then make sure you check out the glorious array of truffles (and porcini and chestnuts) in the region. 

There are many reasons why truffles are irresistible. They are seasonal and have a very short lifespan which makes them a rare (and expensive) delicacy. Depending on the climate and terrain, each region boasts their own type of truffles that range from black truffles, garlic truffles, and white truffles that are considered the most exquisite. The flavour of truffles are often described as earthy, oaky, nutty and pungent. 

Not to be left out, Porcini are gourmet mushrooms that are just as special and sought-after. Like truffles, Porcini mushrooms are found in regions including Tuscany during the Autumn – especially growing around hardwood forests near pine, chestnuts and spruce. Rich and nutty in flavour, Porcini are usedPorcini are used in hearty pasta and meat dishes. 

Back to truffles, as if we needed any more reasons to eat these fragrant fungi, but healthwise, truffles are said to be anti-bacterial, rich in antioxidants and help to fight free radical damage and inflammation.  Across Italy, there are many local sagras ‘festivals’ celebrating the harvest of truffles – including a series of divine dinner experiences at Karma Borgo di Colleoli.  Here’s a sneak peak of the menu of the first event – essentially a feast of chestnut, truffle and porcini paired with beautiful local wines.


  1. We just left Borgo di Colleoli and enjoyed our stay!
    So sorry to miss this truffle and porcini season.
    Hopefully next year.

  2. Amazing! The menu looks great and so jealous about access to fresh truffles! Wish I could be there to experience it!

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