Crack the Da Vinci Code

This week we’re taking a pulpy approach to celebrating the quintessential Renaissance man himself, one Leonardo Da Vinci – the man who put the poly into polymath. And the math for that matter! Our quiz, however, pertains to the insanely popular conspiracy laden book inspired by the great master – The Da Vinci Code. Answer all of them correctly and you could scoop one of the six US$50 vouchers we’re giving away. Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 30 April.


    1. Where does the story begin?

    2. What is the profession of protagonist Robert Langdon?

    3. Who is found murdered at the Louvre Museum?

    4. What is the significance of the Fibonacci sequence in the story?

    5. Where do Sophie and Robert travel to during their escape?

    6. What historical figure is revealed to be the true identity of the Holy Grail?

    7. How does Silas die?

    8. What school does Robert Langdon work for?

    9. The Knights Templar was a real organisation.

    10. Which painting does Sophie threaten to destroy?

    11. How many copies of The Da Vinci Code were sold?

    12. According to the novel, who sits to the right of Jesus in The Last Supper?

    13. Temple Church is located in Lyon, France.

    14. What year was the movie version of The Da Vinci Code released?

    15. What book came after The Da Vinci Code in the Robert Langdon series?

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    1. Great initiative. Enjoyed participating and then knowing I do remember the book / movie pretty well to date

    2. Through his wide span of knowledge Da Vinci was able to generate useful and significant insights and breakthroughs in many fields. The position he took as a polymath across disciplines provided him with a unique vantage point of observation and deduction, where he could combine ideas from different disciplines in creative ways.

    3. Having read the highly famous enchanting novel which explores an alternative religious history / theological enigma this quiz was very intriguing…. Had a great time answering the quiz.

      1. Thanks for participating, Neves! The movie’s a classic, and those intriguing facts really keep you on your toes, don’t they?

    4. Absolutely enjoyed answering the quiz on DaVinci Code . Loved the movie and some intriguing facts.
      Would love to participate in future too.

      1. Hi Lavita, we’re glad that you enjoyed the quiz. Our weekly quizzes are here every Monday, keep your eyes on Karma Community for the latest editions and stay tuned!

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