Cicero’s Letters & Tuscan Treasures

From 27-29 July, embark on an immersive journey into the rich cultural tapestry of Tuscany with Karma Group’s latest Karma Curated Experience at Karma Borgo di Colleoli. Begin with a warm welcome over a private dinner prepared by renowned Chef Maurizio, showcasing the finest regional ingredients.

The next day, join a guided tour of the historic hill town of Volterra, including the famous Etruscan Museum, which houses the extraordinary fresco by Italian mannerist painter Giovanni Battista di Jacopo, also known as Rosso Fiorentino.

In the evening, be transported back in time with a private theatrical performance of Cicero’s famous works at the resort, exclusively presented by J.Productions Milan, followed by an authentic pizza fiesta.

On the final day, take a deep dive into Tuscany’s liquid gold – otherwise known as virgin olive oil!  Tour the Verdivola factory and learn the artisanal processes behind this prized product. Savour samples straight from the grove and discover the nuances that make Tuscan olive oil so exceptional.

With exclusive artistic performances, culinary indulgences, and cultural immersion, this Curated Experience allows you to soak up the true essence of Italy’s most iconic region. Delicious discoveries await.

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