‘There’s lots happening in the Karma world – our newly acquired Scottish resort, Karma Lake of Menteith, is signed, done and dusted!’

John Spence

John Spence checks in with the exciting news about the new Scottish resort, Karma Lake of Menteith! Located near the historic town of Stirling, the hotel is steeped in history (past visitors include the legendary William Wallace ‘Braveheart’ and Mary Queen of Scots to name but two).  Additionally, the new Karma Group app is nearly finalised. This will allow members to utilize their membership, make reservations, exchanges, flight and car hire bookings. Lastly, John shares more about the group’s plans to expand its philanthropy efforts that he says will focus on local charities in Bali and Goa as well as major cities in Australia, UK and Europe with homelessness issues.

‘Wherever you are in the world, I want to thank you for your loyalty and hope for a better year ahead. Happy Christmas’

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Dear John
    Many many Congratulations on acquiring new property. Looking forward to experience Karma once my membership gets active in Jan 22.

    1. Great to hear about the new acquisitions during Covid. Best wishes for a merry and happy Christmas. Looking forward to normalcy in 2022 when elderly feel more confident to travel.

      1. Dear Mr. Singh,
        We, at the Karma Group, wish you the best of health, prosperity and happiness all through this festive season and the coming year! We are hopeful that 2022 will be better and safer for us all. We look forward to welcoming you as soon as you feel it’s safe for you to travel.

  2. Dear John Sir,

    Many Many congratulations on acquiring yet again a new property at a great location. Your speed of acquiring new properties is very very fast. I wish that one day I will be able to stay at this new property. I am your big fan & that is why I am still continuing with the group since 1992. I am a founder member of this Goa club since 1992 when the first resort was operational. I am also a great fan of Ms Espy, whom I have met personally many years ago but I regret that I did not get a chance to meet you personally. I hope that day will also come in future. Best Regards , Surendra Nahata , Mumbai

    1. Thank you, Mr. Nahata – for being a part of our Karma family and for all your kind words and good wishes. We will pass on your best regards to Ms. Espy. We’re sure that you will be able to interact with our Chairman, Mr. Spence soon! 🙂

  3. As someone who has stayed at The lake of Menteith hotel before and found it a tranquil place, I was most surprised to receive an email informing me of your acquisition and the town of Stirling being spelt as Sterling on the email! Please apply a little more care!

    1. Dear Sheila, thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We apologise for the misspelling of the town Stirling and can assure our Members & guests that our team did not mean any disrespect by this – Karma Group adores Stirling and the rest of Scotland!!

    1. Thank you, Dinesh! We do hope you can travel and explore to your heart’s content in 2022. Best wishes to you and all your loved ones this Christmas Season and all through 2022.

      1. Thank you, Sandeep! We wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful year ahead. We do hope you can travel and explore and make the Karma Group part of your holiday memories.

  4. Hi John,
    Good to hear from you this year end …merry Christmas and happy new year ahead …am really happy to part of the group and enjoying my stays in karma resorts.
    Wish you and family Happy new year ..enjoy your wine…
    Santosh Sharma

    1. Dear Mr. Sharma,
      On behalf of the Chairman and the Karma Group, we wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful 2022!
      Thank you for your good wishes and support!

  5. Many cogratulations on acquiring the new resorts. Stil feel that by not providing a Kitchenette or a comunal cooking facility many like me feel excluded from our wonderful resorts in Europe.

    1. Hi Ramniklal Shah, thank you for your support – Your feedback regarding the kitchens is well noted with management, we always appreciate our Members’ and guests’ suggestions!

  6. Many congratulatios for all the new resorts. Many of us feel a bit excluded as due to our dieary requirements needs some sort of cooking facility, even a small communal kitch would do

    1. It’s always our goal to make everyone feel inclusive; and for new properties of Karma Group, the room amenities are always taken into careful consideration when assessing if it’s an acquisition we are interested in – Thank you for your feedback and we can assure you it’s an important criterion of ours!

  7. Dear Chairman
    Appreciate your leadership and the choice of properties you acquire.
    Would highly appreciate, if you also have your acquisition focus on the few of the popular tourist destinations in the Asian Continent.
    ie Dubai, China, Malaysia, Japan, Jordan. Unfortunately we do not have a single Karma Resort in these countries.

    1. Dear Mr. Nazir,
      Thank you for your kind words to our Chairman and for your suggestions.
      Our Property Acquisitions Team is always looking for resorts in destinations that appeal to our Karma Group Members.
      Your suggestions have also been sent across to them.
      Best regards to you and your family!

  8. I have just booked to stay at Karma Lake Menteith next August 2022 with my daughter. My husband and I are fractional owners from Australia. We have been to many of the properties especially Karma Kandara as Bali is so close to us. I will make comment after our stay in Scotland. Merry Xmas and happy new year

    1. How exciting, we hope you love our new Scottish resort as much as we do and can’t wait to hear your feedback, We trust you’re having a wonderful start to 2022!

    1. Dear Mr. Dara,
      Your Concierge will connect with you shortly with all information about the Karma Group’s latest acquisitions in India.

      Best regards to you and your family!

  9. Dear Mr Spence, under your astute leadership the Karma Group has made great strides in expanding its presence both in India and abroad, and while I applaud you for the surge in new memberships and opening of resorts in different geographies, it is my view that the Karma footprint is conspicuously absent across many prime holiday destinations in India and across the Indian subcontinent. I am aware that you have an outstanding team of professionals (marketing/ business development and legal) who have been tasked to identify suitable, high quality properties within and outside India, and I would imagine many of them will be joining the Karma network over the next few years. It would be wonderful if your team, in addition to developing or signing up new properties within India, takes a closer look at properties in the neighbouring countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Of late, I have been particularly impressed with Sri Lanka and you could straightaway zero in on two places – Galle and Kandy – both charming cities that have so much to offer to tourists of different age groups. In Nepal, I would rate Pokhara quite highly, and with the majestic Annapurna towering above, it would be a paradise destination for members who adore the outdoors (trekking/ mountaineering). The beauty of the landscape in Bhutan is equally spellbinding and it would be great to see the Karma flag flying high in Thimpu and/or Paro. These are not my personal views alone, but most of the suggestions have emerged from several scintillating conversations with fellow members and others whom I have met during my stay at various karma properties in India and abroad. I hope my comments will find a way to reach you, wherever you are, and that you will give it a moment of quiet, unbiased reflection. I do realise that being a global entrepreneur with decades spent in the hospitality business, internationally, you would have surely examined all these options in the past and perhaps guided by the metrics of commerciality, decided to shelf it or put it on the slow burner. I hope this letter encourages you to re-visit your plans and give these destinations a fresh re-look. I am sure I spesk for many fellow members who would love to holiday in well appointed Karma properties in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Would be lovely to hear from you. Best wishes to you and your charming family for a splendid, safe and healthy year ahead.

    1. Dear Mr. Gandhi,
      Thank you for your detailed, well researched message to our Chairman, Mr. John Spence.

      We trust our Karma Odyssey Navigators are in contact with you. We will definitely get your message across.

      Best regards to you and your family!

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