Celebrating Karma’s Leading Ladies

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” So said the iconic Michelle Obama – and here at Karma Group we concur! Without the guidance and contribution of the many women that are a part of the global Karma family, Karma Group wouldn’t be the global hospitality leader it is today. That’s why we’re delighted to celebrate the Women of Karma Award, which gives Karma Group staff around the world the opportunity to submit their nominations, celebrating these leading lights on International Women’s Day 2024 this Friday 08 March.  

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s Women of Karma Award Winner is Priti Reis Fernandes –  Senior Operations Manager, Goa Contact Center. Priti received overwhelming nominations and a host of compliments – including the below: 

“She’s supportive as a manager, motivating as a colleague, a friendly and happy-go-lucky person,  inspiring us everyday, especially the women, to learn and earn financial independence.”

“She is a multitasking woman and a great person who is really strong and can easily solve difficulties and problems. She is a good mother and wife and a great manager and also a friend to her colleagues.”

“She has so much valuable experience as a leader & senior manager. I appreciate her creative problem-solving abilities when it comes to opening the lines of communication across our team. She is a great manager and has confidence in the team’s ability to work independently.”

Congratulations to Priti – but also to all of the other nominees, including the following inspiring women and the compliments that nominees shared about them:   

Esperanca Patricio – Board Member & President & Managing Director (India & Middle East)

Espy is already a Karma legend – a 30 year veteran without whom we would not be where we are today – thanks to her energy, enthusiasm, clarity of thought and belief in the skills and abilities of those around her… 

“The energy, positivity and excitement she brings…. It runs through me everytime I meet her. She is so motivating and helpful, very humble and always gives you a chance to share your thoughts…She is just brilliant!!!!!”

“Always has been an inspiration, a role model for the perfect leader, someone who always looks at the better side in the worst scenario, full of life experiences, understanding and knowledgeable.”

“Because she is ‘THE’ Iron lady of Karma Group!”

Jessica Fernandes – Karma Concierge General Manager (India & Middle East)

“Unites team members, communicating culture, modelling core values, fostering a harmonious, inclusive work environment, and inspiring and motivating the teams to consistently produce exceptional work.”

“For demonstrating excellence, creating value, showing leadership and being an inspiration !”

Dominika Garajova – Inventory Control & Viewpoint Project Manager

“She’s been with the company for 18 years, embracing new challenges and growing with every one of her new tasks. Great heart and motivation keeping things in order, even where there is none 🙂 super strong and keeps going for so many years with big energy”

Marlinde Verhoeff – Regional General Manager (Southeast Asia & Pacific)

“Ms. Marlinde Verhoeff is a Regional General Manager at Karma Group, leading a team of over 300 people across Southeast Asia. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, and she is committed to creating a more equitable workplace for all.

She is a role model for women in technology. She is a successful leader who has achieved great things in her career. She is also a mentor and coach to other women, and she is always willing to help others succeed.”

Mona Bartholomay – Resort Manager Karma Jimbaran & Karma Villa Owners’ Relations Manager (Europe & Southeast Asia / Pacific)

“She is focused on her job, able to manage her time, quick or fast decisions.”

“She is an independent woman and very kind”

“She cares and embraces employees and provides constructive feedback”

Elizabeth McLean – Operations Manager, Karma Salford Hall 

“Elizabeth is the OPs Manager at KSH. She is always positive, cheerful (her laugh is literally contagious), full of ideas and continues to drive, push and support the team. She is one of the driving forces behind the social events success we see in the UK.”

It was inspiring to see just how many women were nominated by Karma staff around the world – a testament to the strength in depth we enjoy at Karma – as the saying goes – behind every strong woman…is another woman!


  1. Having just come back from Europe, we enjoyed a short stay at Karma Salford Hall, where all the staff were exceptional and the lovely Lizzie (Elizabeth) ensured that our family dinner for 25 people went off without a hitch, even though we booked dinner only a few days before, as it was very late notice.
    And when we came upon her on her day off, she was still very happy to chat, she is a credit to the Karma Group.

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