Carpe Diem!

Returning from a recent trip to Bali, John Spence updates us on all the exciting developments including resort re-openings and upgrades. The Karma Group celebrated its 27th anniversary with the acquisition of two new amazing resorts – our Chairman reveals his strategy on why we are acquiring properties at a time when many hospitality brands are treading with caution. More about our Indian resorts and a big thank you for everyone’s support. In his own words: ‘ Whether you are a member of staff, one of our loyal owners or a colleague we do business with, it is a truism that we would not be here without you. A company such as Karma Group only exists and grows because of your tremendous loyalty.’
#StaySafe #StayHydrated


  1. Very nice to hear from the boss about the opening of the new resorts… Just waiting for a long long left vacation.. Not tired but very much needed peace of mind and relaxation after working for long long hours in ppe in hospital.
    Hoping for this pandemic to get over soon n start with a new normal life again

    1. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Surlakar. Thank you for your contribution in the fight against this virus. We do hope you can get the rest and relaxation you need. We look forward to welcoming you at a Karma Group resort soon!

  2. lovely to be kept in the know and hear of these new resorts. Already booked for December 2021, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing our adopted family again when we can travel. Thank you

  3. Great to hear that resorts will be purchased in Australia to look after the Australian members. Please northern Australia where the weather is superior.

  4. Great positive start with adding new resorts to Karma Hat after/in the COVID19 pandemic. Good news from Bali as well as we missed the opportunity to stay at Karma Khandara in May 2020, look forward to visit soon and using the new amenities added on the Karma Beach. Thanks and be safe and happy.

  5. WOW…..what an uplifting and enthusiastic chat. Congratulations and well done you and your team. Hope to be able to visit these places one day. Cheers.

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