Bumper Diwali Trivia

This Monday billions of people around the world will begin celebrations for Diwali – the Hindu celebration of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance… but how much do you know about one of the world’s biggest festivals?

Three lucky winners will receive US$100 vouchers – to be announced on 08 November on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. How many days does Diwali last?

    2. The name Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit term dipavali. What is dipavali’s English translation?

    3. The first day of Diwali is dedicated to cleaning homes and purchasing small items made of gold.

    4. South Indians celebrate Diwali in honour of Lord Krishna’s defeat of the Demon King. What was his name?

    5. Which day of Diwali celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters?

    6. Which oil is traditionally used when lighting lamps in honour of Diwali?

    7. The foundation of which famous Indian Monument was laid on Diwali day in 1577?

    8. Which city in the UK is known for hosting the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India?

    9. What is a Rangoli?

    10. In the story of Rama and Sita, how many arms does Ravana have?

    11. What is the name of the lamps traditionally used in Diwali?

    12. Diwali commemorates the spiritual enlightenment of which two saints?

    13. Thalai Deepavali is a unique Diwali celebration of which Indian state?

    14. Which deity is Goddess Kali said to have emerged from?

    15. What does 'Saal Mubarak' mean in Hindi?

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    1. We are lucky enough to be at the wonderful Karma Haveli in Jaipur for Diwali. Had a little help from the staff here

    2. Excellent quiz very apt for the current festival. Very informative but easy answers.
      Wait for next week’s quiz.
      Thank you.

      We just returned from Munnar Resort. Wonderful holiday we had. Mr Rajesh – GM was very friendly and helpful person. Mr Frajesh – Restaurant Manager looked after us very well too. Thank you.

      1. Thank you for sharing your review about Karma Munnar and our team there! It’s always good to hear about the fabulous holiday experiences of our Karma Group members!

        As always, we look forward to your participation in our quizzes!

    3. I have completed the contest form fully.
      I love Diwali festival. It’s a festival of joy and happiness

      1. It absolutely is an amazing festival! Getting together with family and friends, sharing food, laughter and good memories – there’s no better feeling! We hope you had an amazing celebration.

    4. HAPPY DIWALI to Karma Officials and Staff and thousands of Members.
      Thanks for involving members in the interesting contest, traditional but very important things to know of the festival of lights.
      Look forward to such contests in future.

      1. We hope you and your loved ones, had a de’light’ful Diwali! Thank you for your kind and generous wishes, and for letting us know how much you enjoyed this quiz!

        1. I’m visiting my homeland in the Caribbean where my vacation happily coincided with this very memorable ocassion. The celebrations here are incomparable to anywhere in the world, bonding with family through many invitations on the day to partake of the sumptious food and delicacies. I’ve finally had the opportunity to dress up in my Indian wear and help light those tiny sparkling lights!

    5. On my vacation I usually put my mobile on Airplane mode but now I have one more mode Karma mode for all my vacation.

    6. Keep organising these kind of contests.
      Everyone seems glad to participate .
      One more thing that I want to request is that pls try to open more resorts in India too as there are very less resorts near hilly areas.
      Thank you

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