Boxing Day Beachside Barbecue Brawl

One of the highlights of this year’s 12 Days of Karma Celebrations is our Boxing Day Barbecue Brawl, as chefs Joseph Antonishek and Stefan Thietz go head to head in a beachfront bust up that pits American BBQ against South African Braai – a meat-beatdown for the ages! In this instance, everyone’s a winner as you’ll get to sample some of the most succulent cuts imaginable, each prepared according to the authentic techniques of the American South and South Africa’s veldt… 

In the American South, barbecue is an art form, slow-cooked with passion. Picture succulent ribs, pulled pork, and brisket, each bite dripping in smoky, finger-lickin’ goodness. It’s a social affair, where pitmasters boast secret rubs and regional sauces, creating a melting pot of flavours.

On the flip side, the South African Braai is a cultural cornerstone. It’s not just a method of cooking; it’s a way of life. Under the African sky, meats like boerewors and lamb chops sizzle on open flames. The essence lies in simplicity, letting the natural flavours shine. It’s a communal experience too, with friends and family gathered around the fire, sharing stories and laughs. Once the grills are fired up – you be the judge as to which storied barbecue tradition is superior…To book your spot, contact your Karma Concierge – spaces are filling fast!


And once you’ve had time to digest, next up is our Dance Like an Egyptian NYE extravaganza, featuring an indulgent gala dinner with Joe and Stefan tag teaming this time to deliver a feast fit for pharaohs. The resort will be transformed into an Egyptian palace that would suit Cleopatra herself – with celebrations taking us into the first morning of 2024 on the shores of the Indian Ocean at Karma Beach and Le Club 22


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