Big Fat Karma Quiz

We’ve tackled a great many quiz subjects in the pages of Karma Community – so we figured it was time we turned our attention to something closer to home for a change – namely ourselves! Here’s your chance to show us just how much you know about the fabulous Karma universe… 

The lucky winner will receive a 7-night stay for 4 PLUS a US$500 onsite credit to use at any Karma Group Property (excluding Estates) and the runner-up will receive a 7-night stay for 4 inclusive of a US$250 onsite credit to use at any Karma Group Property (excluding Estates.)  Winners will be announced on 18th October on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. ________ offers the perfect remedy for those wishing to replace highways and high rises with fresh mountain air and verdant tropical flora.

    2. At ________tradition meets a chic edge, with elegant chandeliers, grand doorways, patterned wallpapers and plush furnishings.

    3. Nestled on the palm-fringed shores of a large lake, ________ is a beautiful boutique resort that provides the perfect tropical hideaway.

    4. Set in a tranquil coconut grove on an elevated slope, ________ brings together spacious units offering both garden and ocean views.

    5. Located in the heart of the countryside, ________ is a sprawling historic manor house which has received a new lease of life as an elegant and luxurious resort.

    6. Relaxation begins at ________, surrounded by lush gardens and direct access from the pool to the beach.

    7. Nestled amid farms, fields and ancient villages in one of the world's prettiest places, ________ offers traditional yet contemporary comforts.

    8. ________ is a back-to-nature hideaway with grass roofs, bamboo facades and cosy wooden interiors that’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city.

    9. Discover the essence of Karma at ________ - A luxury cliff top resort with direct access to a stunning private beach on ‘Billionaire’s Row.’

    10. Join us on ________ for a leisurely journey cruising a famous river, taking in the ancient wonders along the way.

    11. Set in a picturesque town amongst stunning mountains, ________ perfectly captures the rustic romance of the region.

    12. Situated on the outskirts of a historic UNESCO World Heritage town, ________ brings together stylish rooms set in vibrant tropical gardens on the banks of a river.

    13. A stone’s throw from the beach and a world apart from everyday life, ________ is a luxurious island retreat on one of the region's most precious hidden gems.

    14. ________ is an oasis in the vast expanse of desert landscape offering locally sourced cuisine, performances by local folk artists and a star gazing deck.

    15. With its picture-perfect alpine setting, ________ offers natural beauty, extraordinary experiences and much-needed breathing space all year round.

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    1. OMG!! I haven’t visited any resort yet but still I answered all correct. Hmm i am a BIG Karma fan!!
      Love you Karma

    2. Great competition..have visited many of these amazing resorts..and looking forward to the few we haven’t…

    3. Lucky to have visited many of these amazing places..just had 4 weeks in in Kandara and lucky are we.

    4. Great quiz, have stayed at many and looking forward to many more holidays starting with Karma Song Hoai in February 23, very excited now the world has reopened and we can get travelling again.

      1. What a spectacular way to start the new year – a Vietnamese adventure… Yes, the world has definitely reopened with a bang!

      1. Space is filling fast for 2023 – let’s get you booked in asap for your unforgettable Scilly escape!

    5. Looking forward to travelling again to all the beautiful Karma resorts. Making memories and lasting friendships along the way. Loved the quiz fingers crossed

      1. It’s always so wonderful to hear that our fantastic Members have formed friendships and a community! Where’s next on your Karma travel list?

      1. Thank you Linda, absolutely – let’s get more incredible destinations checked off your bucket list in 2023!

    6. I visited Karma Kandara in 2018 which I cherish till date. What a lovely resort it is. Look forward to visiting Goa Resort soon.

    7. Interesting quiz which takes you on a exploration tour of the properties . Would surely plan to visit as many as possible in the coming years . However would start from India probably from Kerala & Jaisalmer followed by Indonesia.

    8. Interesting quiz which takes you on a exploration tour of the properties . However would start from India probably from Kerala & Jaisalmer followed by Indonesia.

    9. Helpful information on the various Karma properties through this quiz. Would surely visit as many as possible in the coming years.

    10. Loved doing the Quiz. It made me realize some the new resorts I still need to visit. Have booked two in Europe for 2023 already.

      1. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Europe! Fingers crossed your schedule can squeeze in one more holiday at a new destination in 2023…


    12. Our recent stay at karma Sitabani was unforgettable.
      Everyone enjoyed a lot. Would like to recommend for other family members & friends.

    13. We have so enjoyed every single one of our wonderful holidays through our membership, the most recent one being an exchange week in Langkawi, Malaysia. Memories of all these fabulous escapes from daily life keep us going, & thinking of future vacations gives us something to look forward to! Can’t wait to experience the Nile cruise. Thank you to all our Karma family!

    14. Loved the quiz. Identified the resorts in one go. Looking forward to a vacation at Karma soon now that travel restrictions have eased.

    15. There surely is a lot to visit and enjoy with Karma.. Looking to win the exciting prize, today is my birthday and I’ll be delighted if we really win the prize..

      1. We’re always looking to up level holiday experiences for our Karma Group members! Belated birthday wishes! We hope you had an amazing day surrounded by all your loved ones!

    16. karma kandara adalah yang pertama saya kunjungi dengan keluarga. menantikan menang kuis untuk mengunjungi karma yang lain.
      terima kasih Karma

      1. We hope you get the opportunity to experience Karma Salak and Karma Merapi in Bogor and Jogja very soon too – Right on your doorstep!

      1. Thank you, for your participation, Bharat! We’re truly pleased to hear that you’re enjoying being a Karma Group member. We equally pleased to have you as part of our Karma community!

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