Big Fat India Quiz

There is nowhere quite like India: rich in biodiversity, home to a myriad different landscapes from the high Himalaya to to white sands of the Malabar coast and to religious and cultural traditions that have spread around the world… India truly is Incredible! But how much do you know about the subcontinent? Test your knowledge in our Big Fat India Quiz and you’ll be in the running to win one of three US$200 vouchers!

Winners will be announced on 30 Aug on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. This year, India celebrates ___________ years of independence:

    2. On Independence Day, the tricolour is ____________

    3. There are actually _______ colours in the Indian flag

    4. ____________ is our first pet-friendly Karma Group property in India

    5. In which year did India make its international Test cricket debut?

    6. India currently has _______ states


    7. The first woman President of India: _______

    8. Which Karma Group property was our first in India?

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    9. The current Prime Minister of India:

    10. The formal celebration of Independence Day takes place at _________


    11. The _____________ is the first citizen of India

    12. This Karma Group property is in close proximity to lush tea plantations

    13. India’s Independence Day is celebrated on __________

    14. An excursion from this Karma Group property gives you the best chance to see India’s national animal, the Bengal tiger.

    15. The only Karma Group property that is currently not open all year around is ___________

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      1. It’s our endeavour to provide our Members and guests with the best holiday experiences. It’s great to hear we’re making a mark with you and your family, Pradip!

      1. Welcome to the Karma Group family, Ashok! We’re so pleased to hear of your positive experience at Karma Sitabani. Were you able to also go on a tiger safari?

    1. Every experience at KARMA at different places In different countries was excellent
      Feel fortunate to have joined the group.

      1. Do you have a favourite Karma Destination so far? That’s wonderful to hear, we’ll be in touch soon to help plan an unforgettable India trip!

      1. Indeed, what an incredible country and culture – our first Karma Group home! Thank you for your kind words, is a return to India on your 2023 itinerary?

    2. Thank you Karma Group. Had a Happy holidays in KARMA SEVEN LAKES Udaipur Rajasthan India recently. Check in 07/08/2022 check out 13/08/2022

    3. Our first Karma experience holiday was to India……a place we hadn’t thought about visiting but “oh my” what a fantastic experience. India has so much culture, history and great people willing to share and explain their culture… much to see and experience but try to include a day at The Taj Mahal – the experience, the presence you feel is too hard to put into words! In 2013 we stayed at Karma Royal Palms in Goa then a week at Karma haveli in Rajasthan ….. especially loved Karma Haveli as very different…..the locks on the doors were massive padlocks!
      Add India on your travel bucket list if it isn’t already there! Stay well

      1. We hope your first Karma holiday left a lasting impression – India holds a dear place in our hearts! The Taj Mahal is definitely a ‘pinch me’ moment. Wow, almost 10 years since your last visit to India, perhaps another experience is calling?

    4. The Karma is the only where we look forward to enjoy the vacations and have amazing and unforgettable experience.

      1. At the Karma Group, we strive to create the best and most memorable holiday experiences for all our Karma Group members and guests. We look forward to being part of your family’s next holiday adventure too, Virender!

    5. I wish to know as to why only dogs are considered as pets. Other animals should also be permitted in so called pet friendly resorts. Certain pets don’t damage the property. I am unable to travel for this simple reason as my cats are not allowed at any resort

    6. Visited, Munnar and chakra from 30 July to 4 th August. Wonderful experience and superb service feel like visiting again.


    8. Always enjoy solving the quizzes. They test my own knowledge and also get more knowledge. Our family looks forward to the quizzes and also to our holidays at Karma resorts.

      1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun as a family, Mr. Kumar! We’re extremely pleased to be part of your family’s activities and wonderful holiday experiences.

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