Big Fat Altruism Quiz

Here’s a theme that’s close to our heart here at Karma Group: Philanthropy – which is being celebrated on 15 November. We’ve been supporting good causes around the world for nearly thirty years – but how much do you know about the work we’ve been involved in? 

Three lucky winners will receive US$100 vouchers, to be announced on 29 November on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What is the name of our initiative that supports Ukrainian refugees?

    2. Karma Group Founder & Chairman John Spence was recently appointed onto the Board of Directors for which charity?

    3. How much was raised for the British Asian Trust through Karma MayDay?

    4. Where is CHIA (Children's Hope In Action) based?


    5. Which Karma Group property is closest to the Cheltenham Literature Festival?

    6. In which city did Chairman John Spence’s daughter Amelia take part in the Adidas 10k Run to raise money for one our Karma Cares initiatives?

    7. Which Rugby Union team does Karma Group proudly sponsor?

    8. How many years has Karma Group been working closely with the Bali Life Foundation?


    9. Karma Group supports the FSHD Global Research Foundation each year at the Chocolate Ball. Where does this take place?

    10. At which resort did we throw a pizza, popcorn and movie night for children from the Bali Life Foundation?

    11. Karma Group has been supporting the Human Touch Foundation in Uttar Pradesh, India for the last three years.

    12. Which Karma Group property has been hosting Ukrainian refugees since February 2022?

    13. To date, Karma Group has donated more than ___ overnight stays for NHS workers as part of ​​Operation Recuperation.

    14. Karma Group was one of the very first hotel groups in Bali to ensure that all staff, as well as local communities, had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

    15. Which popular band released a song to support Ukrainian refugees?

    You can still donate towards our Karma Refuge Winter Campaign by clicking here

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