Bee the Best, Get the Honey Quiz

It’s World Bee Day on May 20 as we celebrate the humble pollen gatherer and honey provider. We’ll be providing some honey ourselves – in the shape of honey-themed hampers to three lucky winners who get all of the quiz questions right!

The three winners will be announced on 23 May on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. How many eyes do bees have?

    2. What are male bees called?

    3. When selecting a new Queen, what special mix do the worker bees feed the potential young lava?

    4. During the busy summer months, on average how many eggs does the Queen lay per day?

    5. Name the dance that bees use to communicate…

    6. True or False, bees die when they sting you?

    7. What are female bees in the hive called?

    8. Which of the following foods is NOT pollinated by bees?

    9. True or False, bees often steal honey from other hives?

    10. What colour can’t bees see?

    11. Why do honey bees make and store honey?

    12. What can bees calculate?

    13. True or False, bees are warm-blooded?

    14. How much honey does the average bee produce in its lifetime?

    15. How many species of bees are there in the world?

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    1. I thought Bees have 5 eyes not 7, compound eyes on the side of their head and 3 eyes on top

      1. Hi Mr Scantlebury, there seems to have been a technical error with that question. We will disregard this Q on your score – Thank you for noticing!

    2. Im pretty sure during a lifetime, bee produce about a tablespoon of honey. But it marks the correct answer as 12th of a teaspoon. What is that even means?! a drop of honey?

      1. According to our extensive research, it’s common fact that the average honey bee’s lifespan is 6 weeks and in this time it only produces 12th of a teaspoon – due to human intervention and environmental factors – very saddening with the amount of time and effort they put in!

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