Artist in residence – Ben Riley

Music and art lovers rejoice! British artist Ben Riley’s new exhibition is on display at London’s best rock n’ roll hotel – Karma Sanctum Soho! The collection features original portraits of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse alongside new works created specifically for the exhibition.

Ben Riley is world renowned for his iconic portraits that merge the boundaries of art and music and has an talent of capturing the mood, soul, and character of his subjects. His previous sold out shows feature portraits of music icons created from nothing but broken, compounded and powdered vinyl records on canvas.

‘My work embraces music in every sense,’ explains Riley. ‘I like to push boundaries by removing regular art mediums such as paints, pencils, and charcoals, and create portraits made entirely from broken, ground down, and powdered vinyl and bakelite records, which give my portraits a unique texture and dimensionality.’

With an accolade of celebrity and professional collectors to his books including Pharell Williams and Olly Murs, Ben’s commissioned pieces have featured proudly throughout media, television and press worldwide. 

Riley says Karma Sanctum Soho is the perfect fit to display his work as the inspirations for my portraits represent the who’s who of rock ‘n’ roll through the decades.

‘I am excited to share with hotel guests, music, and art lovers visiting Carnaby Street and the iconic Berwick Street record stores, which have made Soho the centre of music from the 60s to today.
Here’s a preview of the collection that will be on display at Karma Sanctum Soho for the next six months.


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