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John Spence

During this time of pause, Chairman and Founder, John Spence, shares his passion for wine and offers members and clients an exclusive opportunity to experience on-line wine tasting led by the top wine masters around the world.  The Karma Group is also excited to announce the development approval for our Chateaux de Samary in Carcassonne, France with a sustainable green glamping resort coming online as soon as possible.  More on the Karma Group’s partnership with Operation Recuperation, an organization dedicated to providing holidays for the amazing health workers at the frontline.  Updates on the status of our resorts around the world plus compliments to the Australian government for handling the health crisis so well so far – we anticipate Karma Rottnest coming back online this year. Good times ahead!

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. I would like a bottle of wine . How do you spell Lichbars?? Hope it’s not to far from the actual spelling.

    1. Hi Bernard, thank you for your interest in the Karma wine. We can confirm that you have been added to our list and a Karma Odyssey Navigator will contact you over the coming days. As for your spelling, it was a good try – Chateau Lynch-Bages, Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  2. So refreshing to hear and see John full of Optimism and Positive thoughts … will remember these hard days when it’s all over …. Missing 2 Bookings this year ( Koh Samui: Mid March & Crete : First week in June). Listening to John makes me looking forward to both of them Happening Sooooon. And yes I’d love A Bottle of Wine please

    1. Hi Sami, thank you for your comments and we look forward to helping you rebook when the time is right. In the meantime, a Karma Odyssey Navigator will touch base separately to discuss your request for a bottle of Karma wine, Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  3. It was nice listening to you John, I hope everything goes well for you with your new business. I do hope everything is well by the end of this year and may see you in Goa. Thank for support to your staff. We enjoyed our stay last November 2019 . GOD BLESS YOU.

    And yes I love to have a bottle
    I do not drink but my husband will.
    Thank you.
    Lourenca Rato.

    1. Hi Lourenca, thank you for your kind words. A Karma Odyssey Navigator will contact you over the coming days to work out the logistics of getting a bottle of Karma wine sent through for your husband to try. Cheers #StaySafe

  4. Hi John, again thank you for your positive and encouraging video. Was great to receive a call from Karma after my last comment, connection was bad so they sent an email, was greatly appreciated. Love the Margaret River area, truly beautiful. Didn’t know about the Karma wine and just love the new label, if logistically possible would love to get a bottle. Take care and stay safe, Cheers Alannah

    1. HI Alannah, great to hear that the Karma Odyssey team was able to be of assistance. It may be a challenge to get you a bottle of Karma wine in the short term due to the border controls, however, as John indicated in the worst-case scenario there will be a bottle waiting for you upon arrival for your next stay in one of our properties. Cheers

  5. Lovely to listen to here in Sydney Australia, very refreshing, can’t wait to get back to holidaying but I fear Europe will be out of the question for a while. We so much enjoyed the Karma resorts we have stayed at so far – the welcome drinks (many wines sampled) at Tuscany and Normandy were quite the experience not just for the wine and nibbles but meeting the other guests. Love the new label especially the beautiful sulphur crested cockatoos prominently featured. Getting a lovely Karma wine to Australia would be difficult I know but would also be much appreciated or should I say “karma karma karma karma delicious” (sorry Boy George)

    1. Hi Ian & Gay, it is always a pleasure to hear about member experiences and we are pleased to hear they have been so enjoyable. As for a bottle of Karma wine a Karma Odyssey Navigator will contact you over the coming days to work out the logistics of getting a bottle of Karma wine, due to border control regulations. Best Regards,

  6. Always enjoy listening to John’s updates. We appreciate and fully support that Karma are looking after staff during these challenging times.
    Looking forward to the link to the wine club – also would like to recommend to all those who visit Karma Kandara (hopefully in the near future) to experience the wine tasting package in the Veritas Wine Bar – a really enjoyable time tasting 3 different wines matched with tapas.
    Can’t wait for Rotto to reopen.
    Stay safe

  7. Nice to listen to an upbeat John and the disruption this virus has cause everyone! The four of us missed Chaing Mai and Koh Samui in March and it looks like our re-arranged slots for Phuket and Koh Samui in October will also be hit! A shame but whatever.. a couple of bottles of wines would be welcome and take our mind of all the disapointment..

    1. Hi Dr. Sagoo, we are very sorry to hear that you had to cancel your travel plans. Rest assured our Karma Odyssey team is here and ready to help when you are ready to start the re-booking process. In the meantime, we have taken note of your request for Karma wine and a Karma Odyssey Navigator will get back to you over the coming days with more information, Cheers #StayHealthy

  8. Dear John,

    Thank you for such an enlightening and uplifting update.
    It’s useful indeed to hear so directly about the state-of-play worldwide and refreshing not to have to wade through an avalanche of politically motivated rhetoric in the process.
    I hope your fabulous timetable of events at home continues; we should all be as blessed and it’s a positive example to us all. I’d love a bottle of your lovely wine, too if possible to help get me started.

    Thanks again.

  9. As Diamond Members we joined the Karma Group last year and last week should have been at Karma Minoan in Crete. Disappointed but very impressed with your helpful staff who have postponed our booking. Love your brilliant e-mails that have directed me to live scuba diving and the Northern Lights holiday experiences. Well done for the support you`re giving your staff and if you can spare a bottle of wine I`ll be happy to raise a glass to your continued success.

    1. Great chat, always good to know that the Company cares about it’s staff. We would have been at Karma Reef and Mayura now, our annual Bali Pilgrimage, but will catch up when some form of normality allows us to travel. Here in South Africa, we have some of the best wines, at amazing value, the world has not yet fully grasped what they are missing. It would be great to taste and compare with your selection.

      1. Hi George, looking forward to welcoming you back and a Karma Odyssey Navigator will get on to handling your Karma wine request. Cheers #StaySafe

  10. My husband and myself are currently at the Haathi Mahal Resort in Goa and we have been here since 14th March due to the Covid – 19 crises . We were given a bottle of Wine and simply loved it. Can we get some more wine please because we simply love the wine. The brand was really wonderful and we enjoyed it.

  11. Very motivating to listen to John! We were hoping to meet you John, at Hathi Mahal around 18 th/ 19 th Jan, earlier this year, when we were holidaying there and were told that you were visiting too. But it seems you had a very busy schedule. Corona made us cancel our visit to Cay Tre booked for mid March, but we are hoping to make it there next year same time! Very heartwarming to learn how you are taking care of your staff at your Resorts around the world. The virtual wine tasting sessions that you are a part of, is very intriguing! Can’t imagine how it’s done. Also very interesting is the fact that Karma have their own wines. Would love to taste some of them when we are at one of the Resorts.

    Do continue your great work. Some of our best holidaying has been in Karma Resorts. Yes, we would love a real bottle of wine, preferably a Karma brand ( not a virtual one !!).

    1. Hi Hemant, sorry to hear that you did not get the opportunity to catch up with John in person during your recent stay with us. As for your request to “taste a real bottle of wine” a Karma Odyssey Navigator will follow this up on your behalf to work out whether we can get something delivered or alternatively made available during your next stay with us at Karma Cay Tre. Cheers #StaySafe

  12. We look forward to your updates John. We have been with Karma for 6 years now and are Fractional owners. We have been to some amazing places. Love Karma Kandara our favorite place is Karma Bavaria been back twice for October fest and spent Christmas just gone there. Being from Perth was my first white Christmas. We had the best time. It was so nice too see you and your family there for Christmas. Had a few drinks at the bar with you and your wife. It was lovely Thank you John for keeping us updated in these uncertain times and looking, after all, your members and your staff we …Thank you.. ps.. would live a bottle of wine

  13. Мы очень любим отдыхать в карма в баварских Альпах. Пропало наше бронирование на май .всегда получаем удовольствие – прекрасные номера в альпийском стиле услужливый и приветливый персонал. А вот о вине карма слышу в первый раз . Очень бы хотелось попробовать . С наилучшими пожеланиями Татьяна

    1. Татьяна, добрый день, сообщите, пожалуйста номер вашего членства. Нам жаль, что текущие ограничения на поездки привели к отмене бронирования в Баварии. Многие члена клуба уже планируют свои будущие каникулы, поэтому сообщите нам, если вы хотите перебронировать на конец года или на следующий год. Я также рад сообщить, что один из наших сотрудников свяжется с вами в ближайшие дни по поводу вашего запроса на бутылку вина.

  14. Great update from John. My wife and I were hoping to enjoy a lovely bottle of Karma wine when we stayed at Borgo Di Colleoli for the second time at the end of May; unfortunately, now cancelled but we hope to visit as soon as possible. Enjoying a bottle of Karma wine at home would be some consolation! Best wishes and keep safe to all our friends, colleagues and Karma staff.

    1. Hi Lance, thanks for the positive plug, we look forward to welcoming you back soon. A Karma Odyssey Navigator will touch base over the coming days to assist with your request for a bottle of Karma wine, Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  15. Would love to try a bottle of wine! We should have now been at Karma Minoan in Crete…. hopefully next year:-) Hope to be at our home at Kandara soon and visit Rottnest at the end of the year. Fingers crossed that things will become better for everyone soon…!

    1. Hi Laura, we look forward to welcoming you back soon, a Karma Concierge will touch base with regards to arranging for you to receive a bottle of Karma vintage, Cheers #StaySafe

  16. Great compassion John. I’m really moved the way you are concerned for all the members.. That’s the simple reason I’ve always admired Karma.. it’s your leadership. Just to share.. Firstly. the person who made me a member Mr Atique met me after five years of Membership… I had lost his touch as his number was unreachable.. anyways when I met him in Goa, I asked him, where where were you? .. He told me, he left Karma and worked in many Holiday companies but he never found found the environment which Karma gave to him.. so he joined back. Second incident was when I got impressed of the ownership program and paid up front 10,000 usd but on return to the room I felt I could not meet the financial outlay due to my financial commitments. I called Ankur in Haathi Mahal and expressed my unwillingness. And I must put in record, i have never found anyone so positive. Ankur pursued my case till I got my money back.. these small incidents not only make Karma Group unique but it makes a person loyal for life.. I would definitely like to to taste the Karma Wine when I visit next time … I wish prosperity and blessings of god for you.. thanks for what you are doing.. realizing people’s dreams….

    1. Hi Subhajit, it is always a pleasure to receive such positive feedback regarding our teams on the ground. As a Group we always strive to exceed the expectations of our members & guests and it is great to hear that we have succeeded. On your next visit with us and we will ensure you have a bottle of Karma wine chilled and ready for arrival. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  17. Thankyou John we look forward to your updates. We have been with Karma for 6 years and are Fractional owners. We have been to some amazing destination. Love Karma Kundara our favorite place is Karma Barvaria been back three times last time Christmas and New year just gone. Being from Perth it was my first white Christmas. It was a magical Christmas one I will never forget. It was great to meet you in person while we were there for a drink at our favorite bar. Thank you for looking after your Karma members and your staff in this uncertain time. Stay safe you and your family…. Karen Gennoe ..PS Would love a bottle of wine.

    1. Hi Karen, great to hear a little of your travels and that you had the opportunity to catch up with John during your stay in Karma Bavaria. As for a bottle of Karma wine leave this with us to work out the logistics to get this over to you. Cheers #StaySafe

  18. Hi John
    What a great message! Great to see how you keep such an optimistic outlook on life and business during these troubled times. We are new members and haven’t quite made it to one of the properties yet, we should be in Italy right now but for obvious reasons that isn’t happening. I really do hope to meet up with you one day, I feel we have a fair bit in common, travel (as a “hippie” many years ago, and a bit more comfortably now!), UK based but spent many years in Oz, rugby and good times….
    I also share your interest in good wine so I look forward to investigating the Pall Mall Club and also hopefully receiving that bottle of Karma Bordeaux you mentioned in your message!
    Stay safe all and cheers to getting back to travel again soon…

    1. Dear Mr Clauson, Welcome to the Karma Family and thank you for your kind comments, we are sorry that your holiday plans for Italy got cancelled. However, this is a temporary phase which will pass and we will be holidaying soon. A Karma Odyssey Navigator will be in touch with you to work out the logistics to arrange the bottle of Karma wine. Cheers #StaySafe

  19. Thanks for your regular upbeat communiques John. It’s refreshing to get to hear news about Karma. We’ve had to cancel 2 weeks at Karma Borgo di Colleoli booked for June, and Karma Apsara and Karma Cay Tre in September and October are also looking doubtful for us. The news that Carcassonne is finally on the horizon is good news for us UK based members. We would like to raise a glass in your honour and to toast the heroic members of our NHS, so please send us a bottle too. Stay safe.

    1. Dear Mr. Wright. Your feedback is very important to us, and your opinion helps deliver a world-class service that gives us a competitive edge above all else. It is sad that you have had to cancel holidays for Italy, Thailand & Vietnam for this year but we are positive that holidaying will start soon. Yes, Carcassonne is good news and we are as excited as you are – a Karma Odyssey Navigator will be in touch with you to work out the logistics to arrange the bottle of Karma wine. Thank you again for your time. Cheers #StaySafe

  20. It’s so good to see John as a real person and to hear how much he cares about his staff. We have been to many resorts but Bali holds a special place in our hearts and some of the staff are like family so it’s good to know they are being looked after.
    We would also love to try the wine whether at home or on our next holiday which hopefully won’t be too far away.
    Amanda & Dave

    1. Hi Amanda & Dave, thank you for your feedback and it is great to hear that you appreciate the actions being taken to ensure the wellbeing of our staff. With regard to your request for a bottle of Karma wine, a Karma Odyssey Navigator will give you a call over the coming days. Cheers #StaySafe

  21. Hi Karma, great to receive Johns comments encouraging us to be positive in this crazy lock down period. We picked up our ears re the camper/nomad concept for Australia as we had been looking at planning a holiday that allowed us to fly to Adelaide in South Australia and then drive back to Western Australia via following the coast.
    The camper option sounds perfect and we would like to be kept informed on any progress.
    We had booked a stay at Rottnest, only to have to cancel because of the Coronavirus. If a bottle of wine can find it’s way to us, we would love a bottle to toast all the special people caring for the effected.
    Keep safe. Ken and Val Norris.

    1. Hi Ken & Val, Sounds like our new Karma Nomad product is exactly what you are looking for so. Will make sure to keep you updated on developments over the coming weeks. In the meantime, a Karma Odyssey Navigator will touch base over the coming days to let you know where we are at with regards to organizing for a bottle of wine to be made available. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  22. Hi John,
    My wife Trish and I are very much enjoying your virtual chats. The content is great – informative and very interestsing. We would love a bottle of Karma red wine!
    Stay safe and kind regards.

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