An Evening with the Chairman – Perth edition

Following the success of the first edition of our Evenings with the Chairman series, which took place in Bengaluru, India, we’re delighted to bring you the sophomore session – this time in Perth, Australia on Wednesday, 29 March & Thursday, 30 March. These gatherings, which take place all over the world, are an opportunity for you, our Owners and Members, to meet with John Spence in a relaxed, informal setting, with cocktail and canapé accompaniments. You’ll get an insight into John’s latest ideas and innovations for Karma Group – which are always ambitious and exciting. At the same time, it’s a chance to share anecdotes, experiences, feedback and suggestions as Karma Group continues to evolve and expand its offerings under John’s expert guidance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to mingle with one of the most influential figures in the hospitality industry – contact your Karma Concierge to sign up for the evening while space is still available!

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  1. So sad to miss this great opportunity… unfortunately I fly to UK on Wednesday, and at the end of April we will be in Salford for few days , not sure if The Boss will be back to UK BY THEN …. Best wishes for a great time in Perth John Sami Tadros

  2. I have submitted my request to attend the Perth Evening Event when we receive confirmation and location

  3. Very sad to miss this as I am down south and don’t return till Friday. Would have loved this rare opportunity.

  4. My wife and I have confirmed our availability to attend but still have not had any confirmation.

  5. Why weren’t fractional owners notified about this ? This was shared by another member so was it just a select few that received it?

  6. Would be very disappointed if we were unable to join with John, either Wednesday or Thursday. Looking forward to your reply.

  7. We would love to attend !!! Yes we never recieved an email so fingers crossed for 2 tickets for Thursday !!!!!

  8. Hi Everyone, we would just like to confirm that this event was open to all members to submit their interest, each member who did would have received an email confirming we received their submission and that we would be in contact if chosen to attend. Those chosen to attend were done so at random in order to keep it fair for everyone. This particular event is small to ensure that all attendees will have the chance to speak with Chairman Spence and we do apologise to those who missed out. We do have some exciting events in the works and will do our best to provide more notice of future gatherings. Thank you

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