Amsterdam Elevated

We’re delighted to announce another exciting new private members’ club partnership, this time with A’dam & Co, an eclectic private members’ club located in Amsterdam. This collaboration opens doors to a world of luxury and exclusivity for Karma Group Members, offering unlimited annual access to A’dam & Co’s curated services and facilities.

Situated in the heart of historic Amsterdam, A’dam & Co caters to the discerning tastes of its members with an array of amenities. From elegant dining experiences to chic lounges and well-appointed meeting spaces, the club provides a sophisticated environment for both creative business and leisure. Additionally, members can indulge in curated events that showcase the city’s vibrant culture.

For Karma Group Members, this partnership unlocks unlimited access to A’dam & Co’s offerings, providing opportunities to network, socialise, and enjoy exclusive events throughout the year as well as private event hire. Whether seeking a refined atmosphere for creative connects or simply relishing in luxury leisure, Karma Members can now elevate their experiences with this exclusive new alliance.

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