‘All our European resorts are opening at a 98% occupancy’

John Spence

Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence, checks in with several exciting announcements including the recent acquisition of a desert safari resort in India! It’s our 88th edition which is John’s lucky and a rather auspicious number (88 was the street number of the company’s first office in Singapore and it was featured on his first Australian car number plate plus his daughters new flat in Paris is number 88!).  John has once again been invited to teach at the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture School, and students will be invited to Karma La Herriza resort in Spain to develop eco-dwellings in the surrounding forest. In other news, Karma Group is opening Le Preverger for two months a year (starting this October) as a thank you to all Karma Group Members for their incredible loyalty in these troubling times.  Finally, the Karma Group celebrates its portfolio of 44 amazing properties with a goal to reach 50 (two new amazing resorts will be announced soon). Concludes John: ‘A toast to the Le Preverger’s Pompiers for their incredible bravery in the recent wildfires.’

See you soon

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Great. News John, especially about the safe Exit from the fire area. Love to hear some progress on The Margaret River Resort, specially after losing Rotto

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