A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

This edition, we celebrate the life of Her Majesty The Queen, as people around the world mourn her passing. In celebration of her extraordinary life, we’re offering some special prizes –  five x 4 nights complimentary accommodation vouchers at any Karma Group resort ( excluding Karma Estates). 

Winners will be announced on  4 October on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What year was Queen Elizabeth II born?

    2. Where did the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II take place?

    3. Which year did The Queen & Prince Philip marry?

    4. The British monarch is head of state of how many countries in the Commonwealth?

    5. Who designed the Queen’s wedding dress?

    6. Who is second in line to the throne now?

    7. What other language, besides English, does the Queen speak fluently?

    8. Where is the Queen buried?

    9. Which of the following actors has NOT played the Queen in the series of the same name?

    10. How many rooms does Buckingham Palace have?

    11. Who is Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch after Queen Elizabeth II?

    12. Which of Queen Elizabeth II's children was born in 1948?

    13. Over which country was Queen Elizabeth II the queen between 1964 to 1974?

    14. The Crown asserts the right of ownership for one species of bird. Which one?

    15. In which of these countries is the British monarch NOT the head of state?

    16. The Queen achieved certification in which of the following:

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    1. There was a problem when selecting the answers above regarding Queen Elizabeth II

      Question 6. I have selected Prince William
      Question 9. I have selectee Imelda Staunton
      Question 15. I have selected The Maldives


    3. RIP QEII ….. such a great leader and mentor. Thank you Karma for this quiz in recognition of her great service, her great life.

      1. Her great work will live on and continue to inspire! Thank you for taking part Mr & Mrs Robb we hope you enjoyed the tribute questions.

    4. Hello .
      I m philatelist..i have very good collection of Royal family..she was, Really a great Kind Hearted great humanity n royal

    5. RIP her Majesty!!
      Hope I win this and visit Karma UK and pay my tribute and see webminister abby snd buckingham palace.

    6. RIP Queen Elizabeth II – A great leader who had a good sense of humour. Thank you for this quiz in recognition of her great reign and life. Had to look for a couple of answers and enjoyed the quiz.

    7. I went to London on the 1st September and was a real shock to be there and the atmosphere during that time of her demise. I also got a glimpse of the new King at Buckingham. This is an unforgettable trip. Malaysia was under the British Rule so we do feel for the Monarch.

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