‘A toast to International Women’s Day and the successful opening of Karma Salak resort.’

John Spence

The Karma Group’s Chairman, John Spence, raises a glass to celebrate International Women’s Day and the successful opening of Karma Salak resort that exceeded expectations.

There’s news about the group’s strategy to acquire and develop more resorts for both domestic tourism short-term and International visitors long-term in destinations including Rajasthan India plus the upcoming grand opening for Karma Salford. More about the Karma Group’s exciting three new travel programs, Karma Kasa, Karma Concierge and Karma Club.

John also thanks everyone for their generous birthday wishes and in his words: ‘This year has proven that us human beings can deal with quite a lot and when we work together there’s a lot of good we can create’.

#StayStrong #StayHydrated

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. So looking forward to more Karma Resorts opening in Australia…….so hope you are able to acquire something in Western Australia very soon.

    Love Karma Concierge …… excellent idea …… bonus is the current reviews by Karma Owners/members. Thank you.

    Karma Club – another great way to market….a more genuine way that I believe people will comfortably take part in.

    Karma Kandara site works continuing…..we are so looking forward to holidays going there ASAP.

    1. Hi Leeanne! Thank you for your detailed and positive review. The Karma Group is constantly looking for new areas to operate resorts in. We look forward to welcoming you to Karma Kandara as soon as it is safe for you to travel.

    1. Hi Barbara. The Karma Group is always looking for interesting locations to operate resorts in. As our Chairman has announced, we are hoping to be able to announce a location in Australia.

  2. Once again an interesting and uplifting chat. It`s inspiring to see such positivity in a business, and good to hear about all the new initiatives. I enjoyed the video showing the spirit of India. Just yesterday a friend in India was saying that after a horrible start they seem to be coping with COVID. Maybe even better than us. Positivity may be the key. PS thanks for the link to the NY Ballet and The Prodigal Son It was just amazing.

    1. Hi Kathy! It makes us so happy to hear about how much you are enjoying Karma Community. Thank you for your response. We, at the Karma Group, believe very strongly positivity and we hope to spread as much of it as we can.

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