A Hidden Island Gem : Karma Rottnest

What Makes Karma Rottnest A Hidden Island Gem? ‘Karma Rottnest proves itself as a sweet escape in lieu of the desired faraway island resort life – divine Bali-inspired massages and scenic golf swings included,’ writes Julia D’Orazio of ‘So Where Next’ magazine. The writer recently travelled to Rottnest Island to discover a very different side to WA’s playground at Karma Rottnest – spas, swings, Quokka grins and all!



  1. Members 898761VO GIAMPA we are thinking of going to Rotnest in western Australia as you know we have not been able to travel how would we go about it

  2. I would like to make a booking to stay at Rottnest in August. I tried to ring the toll free number but having waited for some five minutes a voice asked me to leave a message which I did but have not received a reply.
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