75 Years of Celebrating Diversity

You cannot truly experience India without embracing its diversity. From geography to language and food to culture – there’s no other country that has so many differences and yet, remains united! In the words of Stephen R. Covey, author and businessman: strength lies in differences, not in similarities. 75 years on from India’s independence, these words hold true.

And they are true for Karma Group too. We thrive on celebrating all of the different elements that make up our identity. It’s a fairly well known fact that the Karma Group started in Goa – the smallest state in India – and also one of its loveliest. Fast forward three decades and Karma Group has 11 resorts in locations across this dynamic country. But in many ways, our journey has just begun…

Each of our resorts is as unique as the places they are situated – an historic haveli in Jaipur; a jungle resort in Sitabani; a chic, contemporary hotel in an upscale Udaipur neighbourhood; a collection of safari tents deep in the Jaisalmer desert. All providing our Members and guests with the same exacting standards  of service and VIP treatment synonymous with the Karma experience.

Our commitment to celebrating differences is not limited to our geographical presence either. We recognise the diversity in our Karma Group Members and guests who stay with us. So while we promote local cuisine and culture, we also recognise the need for comfort food. It’s why you’ll never see a menu that doesn’t offer a variety of popular Indian food. And if you’re craving a dish that’s not on our menus, our very talented chefs will be delighted to indulge your requests.

With our growing Member-base spread across the country, we’re making sure our teams are just as diverse. We pride ourselves on being equal opportunity employers. Our teams are multi-lingual. The strong presence of women in our workforce is testament to the safe and supported work environment we’ve created. Always seeking the best person for the job is probably the biggest reason for our success.

Just like the country in which the Karma Group started its journey, we don’t just recognise differences, we embrace them! So on this 75th anniversary of India’s independence, let’s raise a toast to the birthplace of Karma!

To its diversity, to its differences, to its chaos!

To its uniqueness, to its unity, to its beauty!

To India! Jai Hind!


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