3 Reasons To Fall in Love with Vietnam

Imagine a destination that feels like a heightened experience – elevated, sensory, unforgettable. In the words of the late great Anthony Bourdain, “Vietnam. It grabs you and doesn’t let you go. Once you love it, you love it forever.”

Here are 3 Reasons you’ll fall in love with Vietnam!

The Culture and Spirit of its People

The Vietnamese have an incredibly rich heritage and hold to strong values. 

Living mindfully and in harmony to nurture their environment, respect communities and lead optimistic, hardworking lives. You’ll find that during your visit locals are incredibly hospitable and lively, reminding you to always celebrate the zest of life!

The Cuisine and Coffee

If you’re not particularly fond of Asian cuisine, Vietnamese food is an exciting introduction for you! You’ll find soulful delicacies created with local produce and fresh herbs, the staple for all dishes from noodle soups to rolls, and stir-frys galore. These spicy, fragrant, tangy, zesty and refreshing dishes are well balanced with fusions of incredible IndoChine flavour! As for Vietnamese coffee, you’re sure to keep your eyes open and dazzling from the medium full bodied roast, which is low in its acidity and uncompromising in its smooth, bold profile! Whether it’s hot or iced, this unique blend and brew method is one to explore for your inner coffee connoisseur.

The Breathtaking Scenery

Vietnam is abundant in stunning scenery – both natural and manmade. Across the country, you’ll find gorgeous beaches, daring sand dunes as well as serene mountains and rice terraces. You’ll also come to notice the influences of European and East Asian architecture, with Hoi An’s well preserved Old Town (a UNESCO World heritage site) not to be missed! You can also find beauty in its bustling cities with its organised chaos and pulsing energy! Vietnam is truly the destination where you can sightsee to your heart’s full content!



  1. We spent a month in Vietnam in Aug 2018. One of those weeks was in HoiAn. What an absolutely fabulous time we had. The property was down a drive and bordering the river. It was very peaceful and quiet and the pool was amazing especially with the 4pm ice drop off into the pool and then the cocktail happy hour. Just so relaxing and the HoiAn town was just beautiful. The staff in the resort were so nice it was just great, so much so we want to go back. Well done Karma

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