5 Anticipated Wellbeing Reads for 2021

Want to get into the rhythm of feeling better with more peace of mind? Ultimate Library shares the most exciting, challenging and inspiring wellness titles to bring you into 2021. These are the books to look out for that will help with mental health, sleep, balanced diet and lifestyle. Each offers a holistic approach to living better and cultivating the much elusive, mantel of happiness.

1. No Such Thing As Normal by Bryony Gordon

From leading mental health ambassador, Bryony Gordon comes this intelligent, practical book that equips people with the tools to manage their mental health better. Cutting through the Instagram-wellness culture, Gordon give tips on how to live and feel better.

No Such Thing As Normal

2. The Age of Fitness by Jurgen Martschukat

This wide-ranging book examines our modern preoccupation with fitness. Tracing the trend back to the birth of modern societies at the beginning of the 18th century, Martschukat shows how fitness correlates with modernity’s emphasis on perpetual growth and renewal.

The Age of Fitness

3. Social Chemistry by Professor Marissa King

Professor Marissa King embarks on a journey to transform the way we think about networking. Countering the idea that a bigger network is a better one, King investigates how the structure and quality of our networks can help improve relationships, both at work and at home to create a better and more connected world.

Social Chemistry

4. The Scaffold Effect by Harold S. Koplewicz

World renowned child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz introduces a new way of raising children that attempts to counteract the anxiety and fragility of young people today. Just as a good scaffold helps to afford a sense of structure in the early stages of development, and can then be removed once a foundation is laid, so too do children thrive when provided with building blocks in their early years that can gradually be removed to ignite independence.

The Scaffold Effect

5. How To Do The Work by Dr Nicole LePera

Starting out as a clinical psychologist, Dr LePera was often frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Searching for more, both for herself and her patients, she began a journey to find a more holistic approach to psychotherapy. Uniting mental, spiritual and physical health, her holistic model helps those to heal themselves from the inside out.

How To Do The Work

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