Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Trivia

Wimbledon kicks off next Monday so this week we’re celebrating the historic lawn tennis tournament by testing your tennis knowhow – with US$100 Concierge Voucher giveaways for three lucky winners who’ll be announced on 05 July on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What type of material are tennis balls covered with?

    2. What score for ‘love’?

    3. In which city is the US Open held?

    4. Where was tennis ‘invented’?

    5. In which of the following categories, does the longest Wimbledon match ever played belong?

    6. True or False, Wimbledon winners can keep their trophies?

    7. What year did Wimbledon start?

    8. Roughly how many tennis balls are used per Wimbledon series?

    9. What is the most popular fruit eaten at Wimbledon?

    10. History shows that 12th-century French monks would play a game similar to tennis, but what did they use instead of rackets?

    11. What nationality is Roger Federer?

    12. Wimbledon is played on which surface?

    13. What is an ace?

    14. Which male tennis player won GQ man of the year in 2013?

    15. When the score is 40-40, what is it otherwise called?

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    1. Look forward to new resorts to travel around the world and look forward to watching what there is next

      1. No thanks necessary Anand, our pleasure – Glad to hear you’re enjoying the weekly quizzes!

      1. Congrats on your tennis knowledge Mrs Holden and thank you for taking part!! The winner is chosen at random from those with a 100% score, we hope you get the lucky dip next time!

      1. Hi Raelene, thank you for taking part! We don’t want to give too much away for people who haven’t completed the quiz yet, but interesting that your research has found different!

    2. It’s a great initiative to make the members feel like part of the karma family. Nice gesture.

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