Vive La France – Bastille Day Quiz

With France’s Independence Day round the corner, we invite you to test your knowledge in our themed quiz that takes us on a tour de force of La Gaule… We’re giving away French hampers to two lucky winners who’ll be announced on 26 July.


    1. Which French monarch is claimed to have said “Let them eat cake”?

    2. What is the name of Karma Group’s newest French acquisition?

    3. True or False, until 2002 France used a currency named ‘Franc’?

    4. Which of the following ingredients is NOT in the recipe for Crème brûlée, the classic French dessert?

    5. On which famous street in Paris will you find all the luxury fashion brands?

    6. What was Louis XIV’s royal residence?

    7. In the famous Disney movie, where can you find the Hunchback?

    8. True or False, you drink an ‘apéritif’ after a meal?

    9. France is home to the world’s largest museum, what is it?

    10. ‘French Toast’ is called what in France (English translation)?

    11. Which of the following is NOT a French car manufacturer?

    12. Which actor played Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Misérables?

    13. Which French cheese is renowned for being baked in the oven?

    14. What is the french word for ‘Welcome’?

    15. In 2016 France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from doing something, what is it?

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    1. We love France. Have seen a lot of it from ballfields, champagne region and visiting Carcassonne. We had booked Chateau de Samary sadly wasn’t ready. Karma booked us 2 weeks in Carcassonne. Such a magical place.

      1. We hope you get the opportunity to visit Karma Chateau de Samary now that it’s up and running fantastically – Let us know if you need any assistance rebooking and planning your next French sojourn!

    2. It’s always a pleasure to take part in these quiz competitions. It’s the learning that matters most. Would definitely love to visit Chateau de Samaray as we’ve never been to France… Frankly, my daughter gets very excited, when we see these Competitions. Though we have not won any so far…But thanks a ton.

      1. Thank you for participating in our quizzes, Santos! We love your perspective on learning! Please let your daughter know we have our fingers crossed for you! 🙂

    3. Right now enjoying Karma Sitabani. Lovely weather!!
      Waiting for our next adventure to Karma Tuscany in Oct.

      1. Two more days to go, how exciting – We hope you love the chateau, and we can’t wait to welcome you!

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