Virtual Travel : 5 Wow Destinations

Many of us are gearing up for a much-deserved holiday this year or next year.  In light of the positive news that borders are starting to slowly reopen, we’ve curated a list of ‘wow’ must-visit destinations. From diving with manta rays in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia to rafting through the Grand Canyon and exploring Vietnam, we’ll all be travelling again soon!


1. Explore the great barrier reef with David Attenborough

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2. Explore the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong in Vietnam

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3. Take flight around the floating peaks around China’s amazing Zhāngjiājiè national forest park

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4. Take an immersive 360 degree journey into Patagonia

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5. Take a Virtual Raft Trip through the Grand Canyon

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  1. Too good tour and refreshing during this lockdown period. It gave us good experience. The use of technology is a good way of interacting. Loved the tours.

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