Transcendence : Experience the Great Barrier Reef

As planet earth starts to reopen, most of us will be feeling grateful for all the incredible places we can visit, discover and explore once more.

One such place will be the upcoming interactive Immersion exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Through multi-media this exhibition of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, gives you the opportunity to immerse in the world’s largest coral ecosystem.

This will be an exhibition like no other.  Experience the sensation of ocean life evolving in front of you as you immerse and ’travel’ through the world’s largest reef. Explore fluorescent coral and encounter sea life including powerful humpback whales interacting with each other.The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco was founded by Prince Albert I and is considered a masterpiece of architecture and a must-visit when in Monaco. It is entirely dedicated to the sea with a mission“to know, love and protect the oceans”.

Immersion opens July 18th.


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