The Magic of Malt Quiz

July 27 is National Scotch Day when the world – well, whisky drinkers at least! – celebrates one of the most iconic spirits in the world – Scotland’s ‘water of life.’ We’re avid fans ourselves – indeed our Scotland Resort Karma Lake of Menteith has its very own Malt cellar boasting a growing collection of world class single and blended malts. But how much do you know about Scotland’s most famous export?

We’re giving away exclusive Scotch hampers to two lucky winners who’ll be announced on 09 August!


    1. 3 ingredients are used to produce Scotch whisky: water, yeast and… what?

    2. During World War II many distilleries were converted to make fuel, and what else?

    3. Which famous, male singer was buried with a bottle of whisky?

    4. Which country is said to be the biggest drinker of Scotch whisky?

    5. What is the name of the whisky room at Karma Lake of Menteith, Scotland?

    6. What is the minimum alcoholic strength (ABV) of a Scotch Whisky?

    7. What are people who make whisky casks called?

    8. What is the main, distinctive flavour of Scotch?

    9. True or False, whisky was available during the American Prohibition with a doctor's note?

    10. What other alcoholic beverage can you distil to make whisky?

    11. In Gaelic what does whisky mean?

    12. What is the minimum time whisky needs to be left to be considered Scotch?

    13. True or False, authentic Scotch whisky MUST come from Scotland?

    14. How many ‘whisky’ regions are there in Scotland?

    15. Scottish poet, Burns, had a self-confessed passion for whisky - what was his first name?

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    1. Recently returned from Karma Minoen.
      Absolutely superb. Staff brilliant as we
      have come to expect.

      1. That’s fantastic to hear, did you get the chance to join the Thursday Greek Night? We can’t wait to hear how the rest of your holidays in 2022 are! Thank you for your feedback.

      1. Soon to be Scotch whisky connoisseur – Good luck! Have you had the chance to visit Karma Lake of Menteith yet?

    2. I have a great experience with Karma.
      Me and my family, enjoying this membership, since from, approximately 4 years.
      An excellent hospitality, tasty food, very pleasant ambiance and very polite staff, are beauties of Karma

      1. This positive review of your experience with the Karma Group has brought big smiles to our faces! Thank you. We hope to welcome you to a Karma Group property again soon!

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