Sante! Karma Group Launches Three New Wines

‘Wine & friends are a great blend’ Ernest Hemingway

Karma Group has partnered with renowned vineyards in France to produce three beautiful new wines – just in time for the European summer! These wines bring a new level of sophistication to the burgeoning hospitality brand that has over 30 hotels and resorts located in some of the most desired destinations in the world.

The first is Karma Rosé which Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence, describes as ‘the perfect summer wine’! Karma Rosé is produced by the renowned Domaine Tropez vineyards that cover nearly 40 hectares. Domaine Tropez has recently undergone a modern refurbishment and is famous for its trendy state-of-the-art cellar. The wines here are produced in line with the principles of organic farming, using certified organic fertilizers and minimal chemicals. Indeed, Domaine Tropez has risen to the top of the wine list!

Of Karma Rosé, John says: ‘Our newest Rosé is the creation of a blend of grapes from a famous vineyard close to our Provencal estate, Le Preverger. Light yet elegant, it is the perfect wine to enjoy in the sun, or indeed dreaming of the sun. The perfect swimming pool wine.’

Journey down to the Mâcon region where the Karma Group’s Karma Beaujolais and Karma Burgundy wines are produced by Château de Javernard vineyard. The fifth-generation family-owned Château de Javernard wine estate is revered for producing authentic wines of impeccable finesse – thanks to the two terroirs: Chiroubles, at the heart of the Beaujolais Crus and Mâcon-Villages, in the south of Burgundy.

Of Karma Beaujolais, John’s description is ‘a beautifully made Beaujolais, using the finest grapes grown at a reasonably high altitude, from my father’s favourite producer in the Chiroubles.’ About Karma Burgundy, John says ‘this Chardonnay from Mâcon is fresh, exciting, and the perfect white wine to have on its own or with anything you can think of! A trilogy of pleasure when it comes to wine to bottle! We’re already dreaming about sipping these lovely wines in an al-fresco setting on a balmy evening. Meet you there? Sante!


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